South Africa

Portraying The Real South Africa

Portraying The Real South Africa

An African wildlife conservationist by trade and artist by passion, bronze animalia sculptor Bruce Little grew up on a farm in the Drakensburg mountains in South Africa. His memories of childhood instilled in him a great love of the African outdoors and nature, and it was his experiences of the African bush that led to his ardor for sculpting...


A passion for the wilderness

Borne from his passion for the wilderness, Bruce pursued a career in the luxury safari industry as a guide. Taking guests around the world renowned Sabi Sands Game Reserve gave Bruce the unique opportunity to study the animals he loved in their natural habitats. Quickly forming an exceptional ability at capturing these animals on film, Bruce's keen eye and connection to the art world was set in motion.


A tribute

Despite not ever having a single art lesson, and equipped only with a raw passion for nature and a burning desire to spread its bounty to far flung places, Bruce started to sculpt as a tribute to the animals he had grown up with.


The majesty of the African Bushveld

Over the last decade, while living and running a game farm in real South Africa, Bruce has been able to further spend time with these animals on a daily basis. He has wonderful stories of re-habituating cheetah, monkeys and caracal back into the wilds that were born in captivity. Not only has Bruce succeeded in teaching these animals to exist in their natural habitat, but he has also taught them not to depend on humans for survival. In many of these situations, Bruce physically handled these animals, and as a result, his knowledge of their anatomy became an innate part of his routines in dealing with them. He embraces the opportunities that his farm presents to educate his children, and indeed the buyers of his work, about the majesty of the African Bushveld.


Inspired to portray the Africa he so loves

On his farm in the Eastern Cape, he has reintroduced elephant, rhino, cheetah and many plains game back to the land that is rightfully theirs. Bruce surrounds himself with his family and is inspired everyday to portray the Africa that he so loves to the world through his art.

Bruce Little's introduction onto the international stage was in London a few years ago, and he continues to sell his work to discerning art collectors around the world. Please come and chat to Bruce at the Animal Art Fair and hear some of the stories behind the animals he has sculpted.