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Off the Beaten Track Adventures

Off the Beaten Track Adventures

In musical terms (stay with me), the phrase ""deep cuts"" refers to the true gems that are found later in an album; these tracks offer the same musical style of a given artist but don't ever make their way into the public consciousness. The music of true music lovers, if you will. Well, the same can be said of travel; there are certain destinations that remain resolutely under the radar despite offering a similar vibe to some of the most loved places on the planet, but critically, without the accompanying crowds...



Anyone with a hankering for adventure will be in seventh heaven in Greenland. Similar to Iceland, it offers dramatic landscapes, charming fishing villages and myriad outdoor activities, from whale watching to heli-skiing, sea kayaking and dogsledding. What's more, Greenland is also easily accessible from Copenhagen, which makes for a seriously cool combo.



While the likes of St Lucia and Barbados tend to hog the limelight, Grenada is a picture-perfect slice of the authentic Caribbean. Having not experienced the tourism boom of many of its neighbours, you won't find high-rise hotel blocks or hordes of travellers here, just unspoilt beaches swathed by verdant rainforest ripe for exploration, a small selection of charming boutique hotels and the fragrant whiff of nutmeg in the air (it's not called the Isle of Spice for nothing).



Albania is something of an unknown quantity to many travellers, a country that evokes images of Stalinist rule and bulbous nuclear bunkers. The reality couldn't be further removed; Albania is a place of quite staggering natural beauty with its jagged mountain ranges, sprawling lakes, pristine beaches (yes, really) and charming Ottoman villages.


Laikipia, Kenya

Kenya is the original safari destination, mostly due to the vast plains and associated big game of the Masai Mara. But Kenya isn't just a one trick pangolin, we also love the rolling green hills of Laikipia. The private game reserves in this region mean you can avoid the crowds and inject some adventure; combine traditional game drives with walking, horse riding and quad biking.


Salalah & the Empty Quarter, Oman

Oman is by no means under the radar but the majority of travellers stick to the well-trodden areas of Muscat, the Musandam Peninsula and Wahiba Sands. Head to the very south of the country though and you will find Salalah, the country's second largest city and a lush oasis complete with Arabian Sea beaches. Channel your inner Lawrence of Arabia and combine Salalah with a few days in the equally under-explored Empty Quarter, the largest sand desert in the world.


Kyushu, Japan

As Japan becomes increasingly popular, new corners of the country have begun to open up to visitors beyond the joys of Honshu. Kyushu, the southernmost island, is blessed with looming volcanoes, vast lakes, pristine forests, historical sites, deeply civilised cities and the epicentre of the country's onsen (hot spring baths) culture.