Namibia Five Ways

Namibia Five Ways

To quote our co-founder Tom Barber, 'if Original Travel were a country, we would be Namibia'. And in a country with such diverse and otherworldly landscapes, the word 'original' is particularly apt. Along with its sensational scenery, the country boasts exceptional wildlife spotting and a dramatic uninhabited coastline meaning the opportunities for exploration are endless. To experience Namibia at its brilliant best, here are our top five ways to explore...



A self-drive adventure through Namibia - besides enabling you to cover large distances affordably - is a great way to discover the massive variety of places on offer here. A great option for families travelling with older children (we recommend ages twelve and up) a Namibian adventure makes for a truly unforgettable family holiday. A two-week self-drive itinerary could include the orange dunes of Sossusvlei, the coast around Swakopmund and some once-in-a-lifetime wildlife spotting in Damaraland and Etosha. For the ultimate African road trip, extend your journey by driving east from Etosha along the Caprivi Strip before crossing the border into Zimbabwe to visit the iconic Victoria Falls.


Fly-In Safari

To cover even greater distances in a much shorter time, a fly-in safari is a fantastic way to see Namibia. While this may be the more expensive option, flying between destinations means you don't have to spend hours sitting in a car. Plus, this is undoubtedly one of the greatest countries in the world to fly over thanks to the truly sensational scenery. The flying itself is all part of the experience, giving you a different perspective of the country and its otherworldly landscapes.


Best of Both

For the best of both worlds, plan an African adventure that combines a self-drive and fly-in safari. Begin by exploring the south of the country by plane, flying to the deserts of Sossusvlei and the coastal city of Swakopmund before picking up a car and driving through Damaraland and Etosha. This covers more ground than on a self-drive itinerary and gives you two totally different perspectives of the country.


Privately Guided Flying Safari

The most original and exclusive way to see the country is on a privately guided flying safari with Schoeman's safaris. This will see you flying in light aircraft between vast, off-the-grid areas of the country and staying in remote camps along the Skeleton Coast. While flying over the Skeleton Coast, enjoy incredible aerial views of the landscape, seeing everything from shipwrecks and diverse geological formations to the resident seal colonies and desert-adapted elephants. After landing at each of the incredible spots along the way, you can transfer into 4x4s or walk to explore the landscapes up-close.


Walking Safaris

For a more immersive experience, a walking safari is a fantastic option. Although you can't cover as much ground, walking through the wilderness is certainly a more holistic way to experience Namibia and truly reconnect with nature. At certain lodges, we can arrange walking tours with knowledgeable and experienced guides who can talk you through the local flora and fauna on a sunset walk. Soak the surrounding scenery - which could even include ancient rock art - and enjoy some of the world's best stargazing before spending a night out in the wilderness.