Meet the Locals - our Specialist Guides in Australia

Meet the Locals - our Specialist Guides in Australia

When it comes to friendly locals, Australian's are well known for being some of the friendliest out there. People do actually say g'day and you won't be hard pushed to find a gang of surfers barbequing at the beach. Plus, with a population of 24 million people, there are plenty of mates to make.

Handy for us holiday-ers then that some of these friendly locals also know a thing or two about their favourite local destinations, and have even dedicated their time to making sure we get to see the best of it. In fact, our most loved guides will not only offer a smiling face but also help you find your feet on foreign soils, take you to discover all the hidden spots you might have missed and generally ensure you get to know the real Australia.

So without further ado, meet...


Sab Lord - Arnhem Land

One of the most widely recognised aboriginal experts in Australia, Sab is a sought after man. With our help, you can wrangle your way onto one of his tours and try to soak up as much of his fascinating knowledge as possible. After 25 years in the business he is something of a walking encyclopaedia and has built some extremely close relationships with the local aboriginals that simply cannot be rivalled.


Jessica Smith - Ningaloo Coast

Marine Biologist and Project Manta expert Jess is based on the beautiful Ningaloo Coast and is actively involved in the research and protection of the reef's manta rays. Ensuring guests wildlife encounters are educational as well as fun, Jess will have you recording data, snapping photos and analysing behaviour for the team.


Brendon Bevan - Flinders Ranges

Growing up being hands-on on his parent's African cattle farm, Brendon has always wanted to work up-close with Australia's wildlife and wilderness, and that's exactly his philosophy when it comes to guiding. Famous for getting guests out of their vehicles to touch, taste and smell the bush he not only walks the walk but can also talk the talk with some seriously impressive conservation knowledge.


Janine Duffy - Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Janine is a prime example of the fact that spotting wildlife doesn't mean you have to be completely remote. On her specialist day tours to the You Yangs, Serendip and Brisbane Ranges she offers guests some of the best interactive and conservation experiences with koalas and kangaroos in Victoria - and all at less than an hour from the city.


Jack Shick - Lord Howe Island

A fifth generation islander Jack is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and helping visitors to Lord Howe discover why this is one of the most visually stunning places in Australia. Spend a day with him, climbing to the top of Mount Gower to enjoy breath taking views and some incredibly rare flora and fauna. Plus, with over 20 years of mountaineering experience there really is nobody better to show you the (literal) ropes.


Peggy Rismille - Kangaroo Island

Though she might not technically be a 'local', Peggy emigrated from the US to Kangaroo Island in 1988 and has never looked back, so we'll let her off. Best known for her work with the little known but much loved Echidna, Peggy is also an Environmental Physiologist, teacher, author and artist (she's a busy woman) and loves to share her immense knowledge with anyone who'll listen.