New Zealand

Luxury Roast Pork Recipe from New Zealand

Luxury Roast Pork Recipe from New Zealand

For some cooking inspiration, try this luxury roast pork recipe picked up by Pip in New Zealand...



  • Organic Pork loin
  • Parmesan
  • Parma Ham
  • Garlic
  • Sage
  • New potatoes
  • Bramley apples (or any that you have knocking around)
  • Red Cabbage




The meat...

To prepare the Pork, season it gently in a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. Then make 4 tiny slits on one side of the pork and put half a garlic glove and sage in each. Then place the parma ham on a flat chopping board or surface and grate parmesan on top of it. Then take the pork loin and place it on top of the parmesan and wrap the parma ham around it so it looks like a giant pigs in blanket. The meat takes around 40 minutes to cook perfectly, although can stay in longer depending on how crispy you like the outside. In a fan oven at 180 c.


The Veg...

Whilst the meat is cooking away, chop your new potatoes in half and boil them till soft. Once soft, mash them with a little milk, butter, cheddar (if you are feeling cheeky) and some whole grain mustard. Then chop the apple (skins on or off) and red onion up, and pop them with a bit of butter into a pan with some brown sugar, or honey (depending on how health conscious you are) to add to flavour. Once they look caramelised take them off the heat.


The gravy...

Make up a stock either using stock cubes or vegetable juices. Then add the juices from the meat and a little bit of red wine. I personally then add a tea spoon of marmite just to give it an extra flavour kick.


To serve...

Now this is where you can get arty, spoon the mashed potato on to the plate so that it looks like a little dome, Then a dollop of the red cabbage on top of the mash, followed by a few slices of pork, then simply drizzle the gravy on top...yum!