Luxury Liveaboard Yachts in Indonesia

Luxury Liveaboard Yachts in Indonesia

One of the best ways to explore the island nation of Indonesia is from the water, and what better way to do this than by staying aboard a luxury liveaboard? Whether you’re a keen diver or snorkeller, or just enjoy spending time at sea, read on for our selection of the best liveaboards in Indonesia…



If you want the ultimate in luxury liveaboards in Indonesia, then look no further than Silolona. Sailing the seven seas (or any sea, for that matter) really doesn't get much better.

Named after the magical boat of a local Indonesian legend, Silolona was the brainchild of Patricia Seery, a visionary American lady who has lived in Indonesia for 20 years. With incredible determination, she saw her dream grow into an amazing marriage of traditional shipbuilding skills and the most up-to-date technology.

Patricia regaled us recently with tales of how the local craftsmen couldn't make head or tail of her original 2D charts yet with multiple generations of boat building skills behind them could work out the entire 3D plan in their heads. Silolona (and sister boat Si Datu Bua) were consequently built according to these ancient traditions, each plank aligned as near as possible to how it had been in nature, and with intricate ceremonies before launch.

The resulting 150ft of floating perfection now sails to a wide range of destinations within Indonesia, including Raja Ampat, but also further afield to West Papua, Malaysia and Thailand among others. There is quite simply no better way to explore, snorkel and dive the remote islands of Indonesia and beyond.

With five well-appointed suites, this luxury liveaboard (aka Silolona) is predominantly available on a private hire basis though they do run expeditions you can join periodically throughout the year. Please ask us for details on these.

Chartering Silolona is a superb way to dive some of the more remote of Indonesia's many fabulous dive sites, but she is not just for divers. From spontaneous beach parties and snorkelling safaris to picnics on the walls of ancient ruins, a trip on the Silolona, one of our favourite liveaboards in Indonesia, will allow you to explore the many magical and remote corners of this special part of the world.

Why We Love It

A crew of 17 tend to the every need of a maximum capacity of 10 guests onboard the Silolona luxury liveaboard. Not a bad ratio.


Si Datu Bua

Silolona's little sister boat is every bit as impressive and luxurious as our favourite yacht, and the perfect vessel from which to experience some of the most unspoilt islands on earth and best diving spots.

As with Silolona, Si Datu Bua is the end result of American Patricia Seery's decades long quest to build the world's finest fleet of luxury liveaboard boats using traditional shipbuilding skills allied to modern technology.

Si Datu Bua is a latter-day interpretation of the traditional Indonesian 'phinisi' sailing ships that traded along the historical Spice Routes. Coming in at 120ft in length, Si Datu Bua's elegant design reflects the rich cultural heritage and boat building traditions of Sulawesi with truly amazing attention to detail.

There are just three chic and stylish large cabins, two of which are master suites with one additional double cabin, making Si Datu Bua perfect for a family charter or a group of friends. Occasionally there are set departures to cater for individual couples or single travellers. It is also possible to arrange tandem cruises with Silolona. Please ask us for more details.

Whatever the format of the trip, this luxury liveaboard with its friendly and professional crew of 11 tend to your every need to ensure your stay onboard Si Datu Bua is perfect. A typical day on board Si Datu Bua would involve diving or snorkelling some of the most pristine reefs on earth, experiencing the culture and traditions of a magnificent archipelago or simply relaxing on the wonderful teak deck, all the while being served fine wines and mouth-watering Asian fusion cuisine produced by the dedicated executive chef.

Why We Love It

At the traditional pre-launch mast stepping ceremony for Si Datu Bua, owner Patti Seery, the six Konjo master boat builders and the Seery Yacht Design team each carved and burnt their initials into the wood.



The fad for phinisi luxury liveaboard boats in the waters off Indonesia's islands shows no signs of running out of steam (or sail), and the arrival of the Alexa only ups the ante higher.

The brainchild of Muscovite interior designer Veronika Blomgren and Parisian Alexis de Brosses, owner of Talika cosmetics, Alexa is designed for one very lucky couple to enjoy pretty much the perfect voyage around the waters of one of the most beautiful regions in the world. As you can probably tell, we're more than a little excited about the launch, and with another seven boats in the pipeline, we think Blomgren and de Brosses are on to a winner.

So, what's the big deal, you ask? Well, this is the only one of the luxury liveaboards in Indonesia that's genuinely designed for couples, so there's just one predictably immaculate cabin with polished teak floors and Indonesian antiques, a beautiful living room and deck area and a crew including among others a dive master, Michelin starred chef and all-important spa therapist.

After that it's up to you - moor up and go diving on a pristine reef, surf a secret break, explore an uninhabited island, have a candlelit beach barbecue, catch your own lunch off the back of the boat or simply lounge around enjoying facials and massages. It really is that idyllic.

Alexa is currently available for charter in the waters of Komodo National Park, but will soon be sailing in the Alor Archipelago, Wakatobi Marine Park, Raja Ampat and around the islands of Moyo and Sumbawa, all of which form part of the Coral Triangle, the region now generally acknowledged as having the finest diving in the world.

Why We Love It

The onboard Cruise Director will tailor the trip to your exact specifications, so you visit uninhabited islands, turtle nesting beaches, unspoilt diving reefs of just sail the deep blue sea enjoying perfect pampering.


Tiger Blue

Tiger Blue is a beautifully crafted 112ft Phinisi yacht that sails the enthralling waters of the Indonesian Archipelago. The luxurious vessel operates in Raja Ampat, the Banda Islands and Komodo, as well as offering magnificent diving excursions within the Coral Triangle.

There are five en suite cabins onboard including three spacious double cabins with king-size beds, a smaller cabin with a bunk bed and a larger family cabin to sleep a family of four. The air-conditioned interiors feature intricate tapestries draped over beds and hand-painted fish fixings which give a nod to the local surroundings. Catering up to 12 guests, the luxury liveaboard boat is available for both set-date departures and private charter - perfect for families or groups of friends.

Dining takes place outside on the deck which features a communal dining table complete with sweeping views of the ever-changing landscape. The on-board chef delivers delicious dishes inspired by both Asian and Western cuisine, with food sourced locally where possible.

After days spent enjoying the watery surroundings while diving, snorkelling and taking part in a range of water spots - including wakeboarding, water-skiing and knee boarding - relax on one of the sunny daybeds or escape the sun with a movie night in the air-conditioned stern which is well stocked with DVDs.

Why We Love It

Dream of anywhere exotic and inaccessible in Indonesia, The Banda Islands, Alor, Komodo, Raja Ampat, and see it in comfort and privacy on the Tiger Blue luxury liveaboard.

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