Location Lust Pending: The Destinations From James Bond's Latest Release

Location Lust Pending: The Destinations From James Bond's Latest Release

This November will see the release of the 25th Bond film and we simply cannot wait. Yes, we're excited for the soundtrack, the new gadgets, guaranteed dramatic escapes and clammy-hand-inducing bust ups, and of course we don't want to miss the final chance to see Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond. But, surprise, surprise, what we're most excited for is the sure-fire incredible filming locations and dramatic landscapes that the Bond films are known for. The new No Time To Die film will sweep Bond fans from the lush tropical vegetation of Jamaica, to off-the-beaten-track Italy and across to one of the most dramatic destinations in the world (both on and off screen): Norway. While no one's going anywhere right now, allow us to virtually transport you to some of the upcoming Bond locations...


Jolt through Jamaica

The live launch of No Time to Die was unveiled in Jamaica, so it comes as no surprise that the breathtaking Caribbean island has served as a key filming location. Jamaica has a long legacy with Bond, and we can get you right to the heart of the action by arranging a stay at GoldenEye - the place where author Ian Fleming penned 13 of the 007 novels. True to style, the place feels like a Bond villain's perfect Caribbean hideout - all pristine private beaches, luxurious pools, state-of-the-art technology, a cave and even a lagoon with paddle boards and jet skis - ideal for reenacting those speedy spy escapes.


Race Around Matera and Puglia, Italy

The city of Matera is really in the spotlight this year after being crowned Europe's Capital of Culture in 2019, as well as featuring as one of the opening scenes in the new Bond film. Its narrow and cobbled city streets, historic squares, Romanesque cathedral and caves carved into the mountainside make the perfect backdrop for a classic Bond-style car chase. Matera is one of the world's longest inhabited human settlements and we can arrange for guests to stay in a seriously cool sassi (cave dwelling) for a truly authentic experience of this magical place. Meanwhile, on the coast, Puglia was chosen as another fabulous filming location and we can see why with its dreamy deserted beaches, secret coves and hilltop towns that feel unchanged for centuries. In Gravina di Puglia - a tiny town in the Bari province, famous for its dramatic two-level Roman bridge spanning a ravine.


No Time to Miss Norway

Norway really does put the drama into dramatic landscape. From the extraordinary fjords of western Norway to the frozen landscape of Svalbard, the juxtaposition of the regions are a filmmaker's dream. Rumour has it that the most exhilarating car chase scenes from the film take place along the wild and rugged Lofoten Island roads. Norwegian road trips are up there as one of our favourite and most scenic (we just recommend you take the advice of 'do not try this at home' and drive at a normal 30mph, instead of the breakneck 100mph Bond-style speeds). For Norwegian road tripper wannabes, we recommend the drive via the famous Trollstigen (The Trolls Road) - a twisty road carved into the mountain with heart-stopping views at every turn. Rumours have also flown around that scenes have been filmed on one of the frozen lakes outside the tiny town of Nittedal. Let's hope Bond gets his skates on before it's too late...