Lake Geneva Hotels: Wowed by the Whitepods

Lake Geneva Hotels: Wowed by the Whitepods

A view I'll never forget...


Not quite what I imagined!

After a short stay in Verbier last January, I decided to go to the tents that are pitched in the snow near to Villars and see what all the hype was about. Wow was I in for an incredible experience. On arrival after a 15 minute drive of ""are we going the right way?"", I arrived at a dead end and found a man on a snowmobile ready and waiting to take my suitcase out of the car and hand me the most important rucksack I will probably ever be given! The rucksack held a map, crampons, a head torch and some walking poles - I turned to my friend and said ""this is not quite what I imagined!""


Something I'll remember for the rest of my life...

After checking in at the chalet, I was asked to get ready to be guided up to the pods! We put on the crampons and head torch (going in the dark is definitely more exciting!) and walking up a snowy path for about ten minutes to the whitepods. We were shown, most importantly, where the bar and sauna were, then off to our pod to be shown the essentials for keeping warm. During the night we were left to fend for ourselves. Two girls with a fire, tent and a bar, surely this was a recipe for disaster! After a lot of laughs we had a delicious dinner and then curled up in our incredibly warm beds and attempted to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, the view from my bed is something I'll remember for the rest of my life - so it's definitely worth arriving at night. I stood up in bed, opened the curtain, and looked straight down the valley; snow covered and absolutely stunning. With Lake Geneva at the end and Villars on the other side of the valley, I could have stayed in bed all day and soaked up the total silence.

After a hearty breakfast, a good walk and massage, I sat on the deck outside my pod and read my book in the sun for the afternoon. I could not have been happier! Contact Original Travel