Family Holiday Tips!

Family Holiday Tips!

Those infant bundles of joy; those reasonable and obedient toddlers; those calm and collected tweenagers; those charming and engaging teens. OK, maybe the first one rings true. When the baby doesn't have colic. Or wind. Or is teething. Quite frankly it's enough to make you want to go on holiday without them, but in the absence of this option there are - we promise - ways of minimising the pain of the family holiday.


Book in advance

So, what family holiday tips should prove invaluable? First up - book as far in advance as is humanly possible without looking like some sort of android with no life. Hotels and airlines are notorious for ramping their rates during school holidays, but they also like to have money in the bank so there are often excellent early booking offers to look out for.


Ask for advice

Secondly, ask for advice. When it comes to family holidays, there are hotels that claim to be family-friendly, and then there are ones that really do understand the requirements of children and parents alike. Two hotels that win gold stars all round for this are the Anassa and Almyra in Cyprus, both of which manage to pull off the near mythical achievement of being perfect for both young and parents. Next, get the professionals to book it, the flights and the transfers and bingo - holiday arranged.


Think original

Thirdly, think original. If your children are bouncing off the walls most of the time why not take them somewhere that is so extraordinary they'll (hopefully) be dumbstruck. What about Iceland? A country that's literally still growing, as witnessed by the constant tectonic activity and the occasional pesky volcanic ash cloud. It's also a destination that's so out there the children will love it, and we mean out there as in outside and far removed from a telly. All this just a three hour flight away.


Explore a new culture

Fourthly, they're a bit older now and eager to learn. There are some truly wonderful family holidays around the globe that really allow children to see another culture, or learn a skill or just immerse themselves in somewhere completely different from home. One of the best destinations for this sort of trip is Kenya - think overnight flights and minimal time difference for less sleep disruption; safari animals that defy the imagination and the chance to make like a hunter and learn bush skills.


Go for the big one

Finally, when you're a fully paid up member of 'travelling with children ain't so bad after all' club, why not go for the big one - a truly radical long-haul destination with all of the above - beach action, fascinating flora and fauna, things to learn, volcanoes, dinosaurs (OK, maybe not), you name it. If that's the order of the day, then might we suggest the wildlife wonderland of Costa Rica? Or Borneo? Or the Galapagos? OK, I'll stop now. Contact Original Travel