Best Views in Tokyo

Best Views in Tokyo

When it comes to spectacular city scenery, Tokyo boasts some of the very best. This sprawling metropolis where old (ancient traditions and temples) meets new (neon nights and sky-piercing towers) is packed with impressive panoramas, each one as photogenic and memorable as the last. From observation decks offering dizzying vistas to high-rise hotel rooftops and majestic mountains, we’ve tracked down the best views in Tokyo to help you plan a trip with a truly epic backdrop.


Tokyo Tower

The Eiffel Tower-inspired, orange and white-striped Tokyo Tower is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the city. It’s the world’s tallest, self-supported steel tower; nine feet taller than the Parisian pylon it was modelled on. And it offers one of the best views in Tokyo. The tower’s central location means you can see much of the city from its two observation decks, including the Tokyo Skytree and Mount Fuji on a clear day. Visit the Top Deck (the uppermost of the two viewing areas) to be amazed by the multifaceted mirrored ceiling, which reflects and refracts the cityscape in kaleidoscopic style.

Tokyo Tower



While you might catch an unplanned glimpse of Mount Fuji far in the distance when taking the shinkansen (bullet train) between Tokyo and Osaka, there are spots in the city that also offer views of Japan’s tallest mountain. The only disclaimer is that it needs to be a clear day, with no low hanging cloud obscuring the peak. However, if the weather forecast is in your favour, we recommend heading to Takaosan in western Tokyo. Just a 50-minute journey from central Tokyo by train, Takaosan (or Mount Takao) is a wooded mountain popular with nature-lovers and hikers. There are several trails leading to the summit, where you can catch that sought-after sight of Mount Fuji. Even if poor visibility means you miss out on the mountain view, Takaosan is a lovely location to escape the crowds and concrete city. It’s particularly pretty in April (aka cherry blossom season) and in autumn, when trails are blanketed by golden leaves, giving one of the best views in Tokyo.


Fuji TV Building

To admire the city from across the bustling Tokyo Bay, head over the Rainbow Bridge to the man-made island of Odaiba. Here you’ll find the futuristic-looking Fuji TV Building. The headquarters of one of Japan’s biggest broadcasters are also home to the 25th-floor Hachitama observation deck, a spherical sightseeing perch that offers panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline over the bay. Anime fans will also appreciate the Fuji TV gift shop, where you can pick up souvenirs from your favourite Japanese shows. And the nearby Odaiba Marine Park, Tokyo’s only urban beach, is a popular spot to relax in summer.


Shibuya Sky

With hammocks for cloud watching, a mesmerising nightly light show and a 360-degree open-air observatory (overlooking the world-famous crossing), Shibuya Sky supplies some of the best views in Tokyo. But the real highlight here is the Sky Edge; a crowd-pleasing viewing deck that offers unobstructed views of the city stretching towards the hazy horizon. And if it’s not open-air observatory weather, don’t worry. There’s a cafe and bar on the 46th floor where you can take in the scenery (drink in hand) in every season. To gaze at the glittering neon of Tokyo at night, plan your visit for after dark, when the cityscape lights up like one huge constellation.


Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi

Located close to the Imperial Palace (the residence of the Emperor of Japan), the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi has two excellent restaurants on its outdoor terrace, where you can take in the regal views from the comfort of your table. Fine Italian cuisine is on the menu at Pigneto, while the Michelin-starred Est specialises in French-Japanese fusion. Fabulous food aside, both restaurants share spectacular scenery thanks to their rooftop setting. A sky-high sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the streets below, this picturesque terrace is one of our favourite places in Tokyo for dinner with a view.


Street of Tokyo

Shibuya Station Bridge

Very few places can claim to have a world-famous pedestrian crossing, but Tokyo can. The Shibuya Crossing is the busiest intersection on the planet, where as many as 3,000 people cross at once. Like many experiences in Tokyo, navigating the crossing is far less chaotic than you might imagine. Instead, joining the so-called Shibuya scramble is strangely serene and spellbinding, more of a graceful glide than a frenzied dash. And admiring this metropolitan migration from afar is just as hypnotic. One of the best vantage points is the bridge that connects Shibuya Station to Mark City shopping centre. In rush hour, the bridge is bustling with commuters, but at quieter times you can linger by the windows to see the Shibuya spectacle unfold every 90 seconds.