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Best Places to Watch the Sunrise

Best Places to Watch the Sunrise

Seize the day! The early bird catches the worm!.. you get the picture, and if you can drag yourself from peaceful slumber, here's our top 5 places around the world to watch the sunrise.



Watch the sunrise from the comfort of your (extremely comfortable) bed in the Pavilion Suite at the beautiful Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island. Said Southern Ocean stretches off to the horizon where it's next stop Antarctica, 3,700 miles away. Oh, and if you're feeling particularly indolent, you can stay in bed and watch the sunset too, through the same panoramic windows.




After a night in the Neltner Lodge in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, it's up before dawn to strike out for the summit of Jebel Toubkal, North Africa's tallest mountain. The sunrise views are suitably epic, as is the sense of achievement on reaching the summit.




There are few more spectacular places in the world to see the sunrise than Wadi Rum in Jordan, scene of many of Lawrence of Arabia's exploits. Spend the night in a private Bedouin camp in the desert and wake just before dawn to see the stars disappearing and the sheer wadi cliffs changing from black to vivid red.




Watch as hot air balloons drift silently above the Masai Mara in Kenya, with the wildlife below blissfully unaware. As the sun rises, the savannah and Great Rift Valley glow a vivid red and hippos wallow in the Mara River below.




Climb Tayokya Pyay, one of the literally thousands of stupas and temples scattered across the plains of Bagan in Burma, for the once in a lifetime sight of the sun glistening off the golden steeples and the Irrawaddy River.