An Introduction to Yoga in India

An Introduction to Yoga in India

India has it all: deserts, mountains, beaches, oceans, tropical forests and jungles. It is a land with a temple or shrine around every corner, threaded with sacred rivers and mountains, where the search for enlightenment is in the air. For many, a trip to India goes beyond sightseeing. Getting lost in this captivating country, the birthplace of yoga, can lead you to find new parts of yourself. Try yoga in India and feed your mind, body and soul.

  1. Seek Yoga at the Source
  2. Experience Yoga’s Many Benefits
  3. Holistic Healing
  4. The Magic of India
  5. The Yoga Capital of the World


Seek Yoga at the Source

Yoga was first introduced 5,000 years ago in an ancient scripture called Rig Veda, but it’s only in the last 50 or so years that it has become hugely popular all around the globe, and people are increasingly fascinated to learn yoga at its roots. It’s fair to say that in India, you will find the most authentic yoga experience, well-educated and experienced teachers and the right energy. You’ll also discover one of the most welcoming and kindest places in the world. Entering India is an invitation to slow down and embrace the laid-back, Shanti (peaceful) vibes of the country and its people.

Experience Yoga’s Many Benefits

So why has yoga exploded in popularity? We are increasingly aware that happiness and wellbeing are not necessarily related to money and luxury. Many of us get sick from stress, overwork and sleep deprivation. Yoga is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, calm the mind and detox the body. Taking some time away from daily life and practicing yoga in India is a powerful way to release, heal and improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

Holistic Healing

The ancient wisdom of yoga is translated through five basic principles: Exercise (Āsana), breathing (Prāṇāyāma), relaxation (Śavāsana), diet (Mitahara), and positive thinking and meditation (Vedānta & Dhyāna). India’s easy-going vibe makes it the ideal place to explore this philosophy, whether you’re looking for total immersion, or your first lesson. With the help experts from therapists and yogis to nutritionists and chefs, India’s peaceful environment enables you to return home a more balanced and relaxed version of yourself.


The Magic of India

The benefits of yoga are magnified by India’s magical surroundings and rich culture. Travellers learning yoga can also take part in hiking, river rafting, sightseeing, shopping, gourmet tours, cafe culture and more. Imagine starting the day with a temple-based yoga session, before taking a mind-calming walk through the foothills of the Himalayas, then gazing upon ancient Hindu temples, the birthplaces of Buddhism, and the jewels of Islamic architecture.

The Yoga Capital of the World

Should you feel called towards such a journey, where should you go in the magical, mythical, and sometimes maddening place that is India? Yoga came to life in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains and on the holy Ganges River. The town of Rishikesh has become the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ where visitors can choose from a variety of courses and retreats (including the one where The Beatles penned their White Album). Whether you prefer an authentic ashram or a royal residence, you will conclude your introduction to yoga in India feeling revitalised, centred and full of energy.