Adopt an orangutan in Borneo

Adopt an orangutan in Borneo

Up for adoption.. Adopt an Orangutan


Magic monkey

More monkey magic now as we bring up the half century. Borneo in Malaysia is a fabulous destination, catering for honeymooners and families alike.and if it's a family you're there with, then there is one clear must do. Actually make that two. Not only must you take the children to Sepilok Orang-Utan Sanctuary, located in an area of virgin equatorial rainforest, to see the so-called 'men of the jungle', but then adopt an orangutan.


Adopt a good idea

Sadly, this is one of only a few places remaining on Earth where this endangered species can be viewed, and the adoption programme brings much needed funds to the research centre and acts as charming and engaging way to the get the kids thinking about the critical situation regarding some of the worlds most charismatic inhabitants.