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Caiman Ecological Refuge is a 53,000-hectare property located in the heart of the Pantanal region of Brazil, one of the world’s most important wetlands, hosting one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife in the Americas.

The Caiman Ecological Refuge combines conservation with eco-tourism, and a working cattle ranch. Accommodation consists of two pousadas - Baiazinha and Cordilheira - which between them have a total of 11 rooms. Scattered around the reserve, each lodge offers a similar level of comfort - both have swimming pools, air-conditioned rooms and private bathrooms.

Activities at CER focus on wildlife excursions, led by expert guides who interpret the flora, fauna and natural history of the Pantanal. Excursions are offered in specially adapted vehicles, or by canoe.

Apart from spectacled caimans, this area is particularly renowned for its birdlife. Over 350 species are present, including the hyacinth macaw, marsh seedeater, king vulture, boat-billed heron and the Mato-Grosso antbird. Other activities include forest walks, biking, and observing the daily cattle ranching activities.

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The Caiman Ecological Refuge is also home to a jaguar conservation project, and wildlife enthusiasts will surely love the chance to head out with one of the resident scientists on a jaguar tracking excursion.

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