Small Group Tour: Highlights of Persia

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Something of a must for culture vultures, Iran - or Persia, as it was once known - is an eclectic feast for the senses, and this is the time to explore a country which is very much on the rise. Soak up the compelling history as you travel from one city of rare beauty to another across the striking landscapes, meeting locals eager to share their rich heritage.

— Amelia, Original Travel Expert

Itinerary Highlights

Dates: 11 - 25 October 2018

  • Shiraz - 4 Days
    Shiraz was the Iranian capital during the 18th century Zand dynasty and synonymous with poetry, pomegranates, and all things beautiful. Shiraz is home to the tombs of two of Irans most famous poets, Hafiz and Sadi. We will spend 4 days marvelling at myriad wonders, from the mesmerising mirrored green cut glass walls and dome of the Mausoleum of Shah Cheragh, to the beautiful Masjed-e Vakil, before retiring to one of Shiraz' many local eateries to sample traditional Iranian fare. Stroll through the ancient (2530 year old) city of Persepolis for a real sense of Iran's unique history and remarkable heritage.

  • Yazd - 2 Days
    Head through the craggy landscape towards Yazd, pausing to admire the stunning views of the Zagros Mountains. Watch the sun set from the rooftop of Zein-o-Din Caravanserai, before savouring a delicious dinner cooked by members of the Belushi tribe. Visit Yazd, the centre of Zoroastrian culture, wandering past wind towers and along winding alleys into impressive mosques, remembering to stop at the bazaar for Yazd's famous local pastries.

  • Esfahan - 4 Days
    Esfahan's natural and architectural beauty has led Iranians to refer to the city as 'Nesf-e jahan', translating as 'half of the world' - testament to its abundance. We will spend the next three days wandering into tea houses, haggling over traditional rugs at noisy bazaars, being dazzled by the turquoise tiles of Masjed-e Jomeh and gazing in awe at the Safavid Royal City.

  • Kashan - 1 Day
    We will then travel to the charming oasis town of Kashan, reputedly the home of the Three Wise Men from the Nativity. Visit the exquisite sixteenth-century Bagh-e Fin Gardens, a UNESCO Heritage Site, as well as ambling amongst Kashan's world-renown eighteenth and nineteenth-century Persian architecture. There are all manner of fascinating scenic spots in the vicinity, such as Qamsar and Niyasar, which are well worth venturing out to visit.

  • Tehran - 3 Days
    Tehran, Iran's capital and the largest city in Western Asia and home to over 14 million people. Nestled at the foot of the Alborz Mountains, Tehran boasts a fantastic array of sites - the Glass Museum, the Crown Jewels and, the White Palace and the Golestan Palace are not to be missed.

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This small group tour starts from £4,350 per person, which includes all flights, hotels, transfers and organised trips. Please note that we also offer tailor-made trips to Iran, get in touch for further details.

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11 - 25 October 2018
Culture Buffs, Historians and Adventurers
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