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    • The Tel Aviv 'bubble': tolerance and hedonism

    • A day exploring Tel Aviv with an expert guide

    • Poli House, Bauhaus architecture and pop vibe, in tune with the city

    • Give in to the temptation of two days in Jerusalem: personalise your trip

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Tel Aviv's famous daily carefree hedonism and tolerance. A pioneering city, a new city, both the inhabitants of Tel Aviv and visiting guests are caught up in the fast pace of the city, which never relents, day or night. In the heart of the Holy Land – so close yet so far from its neighbour Jerusalem. From dawn to dawn, from beaches to bars, in Tel Aviv you live in the moment. By bike, scooter, skateboard or rollerblades, here, life seems to roll along like a never-ending weekend. In this city, it often feels like you're in California; the sun shines every day and you can go swimming all year round. At night, the air is filled with Israeli pop, live jazz or electro coming from the bars, clubs and concert halls and lasting until the dawn.
Tel Aviv is also a cosmopolitan metropolis. Germans, Russians and Romanians rub shoulders with Poles, Iraqis, Moroccans and Ethiopians. From the northern, Ashkenazi neighbourhoods to the southern Yemeni neighbourhood, all languages are spoken, including some that are spoken nowhere else: Yiddish, Ladino, Judeo-Arabic. You have to immerse yourself in this arty, hipster, chic, vintage atmosphere; enter small cafes and organic restaurants; eat pitta bread and hummus at Ali Karavan's in Jaffa; have a browse in galleries and second-hand clothes shops; explore the so-called 'White City', home to thousands of houses that together create the richest Bauhaus heritage in the world; go to the beach, one of the best city beaches in the world.

Included in your itinerary - A day out discovering the city with a resident of Tel Aviv, whose deep knowledge and friendly manner will help you to appreciate what you see before you, and will also guide you through several millennia of Jewish history.


A Bauhaus hotel for the digital age that opened at the end of 2016, and an address that fits in perfectly in Tel Aviv: its architecture is pure Bauhaus, with pop decor, flashy colours and organic curves. This beautiful building, which is an icon of Tel Aviv's White City (built in 1934 by architect Shlomo Liaskowski, the building was known as the Polishuk House, named after its owner), was restored by architect Nitza Szmuk, Emet Prize winner for his commitment to the preservation of the city's Bauhaus buildings; and the decor is by designer Karim Rashid. In contrast to the beautiful sobriety of this beautiful white building's architecture, which has been enhanced by the renovation carried out by Nitza Szmuk, Karim Rashid's decor seems a bit bonkers: pink, lemon yellow, electric blue, which illustrate the energy that characterises Tel Aviv. It works. The 40 brightly coloured rooms, with large windows, allow you to take in the liveliness of the neighbourhood, including the modern, dynamic city and the joyfully chaotic HaCarmel souk. The scenic 1968 square feet terrace, with its spa with large windows and an infinity pool overlooking the city, is the most beautiful in Tel Aviv. This is a modern gem, close to the bustle of the souq and the busiest beaches of the coast.


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Just an hour's drive from Tel Aviv you can visit the eternal city that boasts three-thousand-year-old ruins. An inextricable hodgepodge of arched doorways, alleyways with staircases and interior courtyards blooming with roses and lemon trees. In the Muslim quarter, the Temple Mount and its dome which houses the rock recognised as the site of Abraham's attempted sacrifice. You have to try a falafel beside the Damascus Gate. At the heart of the Christian quarter, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre - accessed through the rooftops and the Ethiopian chapel, where priests dressed in white cotton gabis sing Mass. In the Jewish quarter, men pray in front of the Wailing Wall, a remnant of the Second Temple. At the Mayane Yehuda market, move in a moment from an Agadir souq to a Moscow market - from baklava to smoked fish. And the 'Armenian Quarter', unsurprisingly inhabited by Armenians and often overlooked in favour of its more flamboyant neighbours, is a real city within the city, with its mosaic walls and turquoise blue gates.


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