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If you want the ultimate in luxury yachts then look no further than Silolona. Sailing the seven seas (or any sea, for that matter) really doesn’t get much better.

Named after the magical boat of a local Indonesian legend, Silolona was the brainchild of Patricia Seery, a visionary American lady who has lived in Indonesia for 20 years. With incredible determination, she saw her dream grow into an amazing marriage of traditional shipbuilding skills and the most up-to-date technology.

Patricia regaled us recently with tales of how the local craftsmen couldn't make head or tail of her original 2D charts yet with multiple generations of boat building skills behind them could work out the entire 3D plan in their heads. Silolona (and sister boat Si Datu Bua) were consequently built according to these ancient traditions, each plank aligned as near as possible to how it had been in nature, and with intricate ceremonies before launch.

The resulting 150ft of floating perfection now sails to a wide range of destinations within Indonesia, including Raja Ampat, but also further afield to West Papua, Malaysia and Thailand among others. There is quite simply no better way to explore, snorkel and dive the remote islands of Indonesia and beyond.

With five well-appointed suites, Silolona is predominantly available on a private hire basis though they do run expeditions you can join periodically throughout the year. Please ask us for details on these.

Chartering Silolona is a superb way to dive some of the more remote of Indonesia's many fabulous dive sites, but she is not just for divers. From spontaneous beach parties and snorkelling safaris to picnics on the walls of ancient ruins, a trip on the Silolona will allow you to explore the many magical and remote corners of this special part of the world.


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Holly in the mountains

A crew of 17 tend to the every need of a maximum capacity of 10 guests onboard the Silolona liveaboard. Not a bad ratio.

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