Heritage Travel in Europe

With the emergence of family history studies and DNA tests, it has never been easier to find out where we come from. Climb up your family tree and you may discover that you’re 9% German, 3% Italian and 1% Scandinavian and - with our help (and the help of our DNA testing partners) - you can set off on a journey of discovery to these very places.

European heritage tours are about reconnecting with yourself and your family and every heritage holiday is unique which is where our tailor-made itineraries come in handy. We can arrange for you to visit that tiny village in Italy where your nonna grew up and pair you up with a local chef to learn to cook traditional recipes, or send you off on an epic European road trip to gain an authentic insight into the countries your heritage investigators say you hail from.

Along the way, we'll pair you up with excellent guides and our clued-up Concierges who will bring to life the countries you travel to on your European heritage tour; arrange a mountain of memorable experiences; and recommend the best hotels, be it an authentic homestay or a luxury hideaway.

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