Bermuda Holidays: An Overview

A slice of England somewhere between the northerly sways of the Caribbean and the Atlantic, Bermuda is just an eight hour flight from the UK and fast becoming one of Original Travel's new favourite hot spots for a summer holiday, whether en famille or not.

Whether Bermuda can be classified as the Caribbean or not is debatable. What's not, however, are its beaches, which give the white sands of the Bahamas and co a run for their money. The pinkish hues are a result of the high amount of coral and crustaceans in the sand, and the best can be found on the south shore, namely Elbow Beach (part of which is reserved for hotel guests) and Horseshoe Bay. The others on the island are not to be sniffed at though (such as West Whale Bay Beach, which sees migrating humpback whales in April), they are just not quite as pink.

The beaches are not merely for sun seekers, and this little island (its maximum width is 1.75 miles) packs a lot in. Diving and snorkelling are both fantastic due to the coral reef that surrounds the island, housing colourful fish and scores of shipwrecks, and the crystal clear waters of Southampton Parish are perfect for sailing and yachting. Deep sea fishing, water skiing and kayaking are also popular.

On terra firma, golf is a firm favourite and the island boasts seven championship courses as well as playing host to the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. We also recommend paying a visit to capital Hamilton for a spot of shopping followed by a Rum Swizzle or two, and the colonial settlement of St George. Get lost among the cobbled streets of the latter, and pay a visit to the perfumery and local boutiques.

OT: You can't hire cars on Bermuda, so we recommend jumping on a scooter to discover the more out-of-the-way beaches. If you can't quite fathom the thought of racing around on a scooter, regular bikes will do the job.

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A Note on Price

A trip to some of the luxury resorts in Bermuda could cost from £6,000 per person including flights.