Until three days ago, The Plaza Hotel in New York brought Sex and the City to mind - remember the one when Big has his engagement party and Carrie says to him, 'Your girl is lovely, Hubbell'? I only watched The Way We Were because of that line. Now when I think of The Plaza Hotel, I start salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs (and no, he was not my great-grandfather).

Food heaven...

The Food Hall at The Plaza Hotel, which was opened in May 2010 by Todd English, manages to be a highlight in a city where pretty much everything is fabulous. It's the ideal restaurant for the indecisive as there are a variety of open kitchens under one roof - you may find yourself sitting at the oyster bar, the cheese and charcuterie stand or by the bakery.

The beauty of the concept is that regardless of where you sit you can order from any, or even all of the menus. The choices are endless - we settled for a globe-trotting smorgasbord of crispy fig mezze and prosciutto pizza, followed by flavoursome sushi rolls and finally some classy American mini burgers. Everything was fresh, outstanding and utterly more-ish. Our chatty waitress, Tiffany, a former model, kept refilling our champagne glasses as she wanted us to have 'the perfect New York day'. If having a mind-blowing lunch at The Plaza Hotel followed by a credit card-bashing sashay down Fifth Avenue does not constitute a great girly day in the Big Apple, I don't know what does.

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