Woman in Bali

By Ella
On: 25th November, 2020

Boycott Black Friday... (and Celebrate Green Friday Instead)

Sick of endless Black Friday emails, ads and pop-ups? Ticked off as to why the UK has even picked up this Thanksgiving-specific consumer culture from our American friends in the first place? Us too. That's why we're boycotting Black Friday and celebrating Green Friday instead. In short,…

By Susie T
On: 14th September, 2020

Travel for Good: How to Support Wildlife Conservation

He's only gone and done it again. In his documentary last night Extinction: The Facts, Sir David Attenborough focussed on the impact of climate change on animal extinction, and made a powerful plea for us all to do our bit to help support wildlife conservation. We've been having the…

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Image of Charlotte Cox

By Charlotte C
On: 28th January, 2020

Conservation and Community in Kenya’s Namunyak Conservancy

  • Kenya

Just north of the Kenyan equator, nestled in the Matthews Mountain range, lies the 850,000 acre Namunyak Conservancy, one of the only community-owned wildlife conservancies in Kenya. Started in 1995, the conservancy is still very much in its infancy but thanks to the support of the 2,300…

By Tom
On: 29th November, 2018

The Conservation Conversation

  • Africa

At Original Travel we spend a lot of time discussing our part in the great sustainability and tourism debate. Here's a quick summary of our current thinking…

By Tom
On: 21st August, 2018

Our Top Five Wildlife Conservation Projects

  • Namibia
  • Rwanda
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Botswana
  • Zambia

Sometimes we need to take a step back and just remember we have no greater right to be here than any other animal - David Attenborough. No truer words, David. No truer words. And while the whole planet could benefit from subscribing to that school of thought, Africa particularly springs to…

By Tom
On: 8th May, 2012

Responsible Safaris in South Africa

  • South Africa

A common question regarding luxury holidays in Africa is, "Is going on a Safari an environmentally responsible thing to do?"