Seychelles Holidays: An Overview

The Seychelles are the definition of a luxury getaway with an archipelago of tiny green islands fringed with talcum white beaches and turquoise waters.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • The Seychelles is the ultimate island paradise for a luxury holiday. You can't get much more 'away from it all' than a thousand miles off the African coast, and many of the hotels inhabit their own private islands, which makes the destination an ideal choice for honeymooners
  • It's been said about many places, but the beaches of the Seychelles really are something else -they were used in the famous Bounty ads, after all
  • The rich abundance of flora and fauna sets the island apart from other paradise spots, as does the pride the country takes in preserving it - see turtles hatching on the beach or go diving in some of the most beautiful and remote spots on earth

Luxury Holidays to the Seychelles: the Detail

The Seychelles have been admirable front-runners in sustainable tourism, making this a thoroughly conscious-salving as well as spoiling luxury holiday destination. Almost half of the Seychelles' total landmass is set aside as nature reserves, with the larger islands having lush vegetation and nature trails to explore.

Did you know

  • Seychelles granite islands are the oldest islands in the world
  • Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, is the world's smallest capital
  • 115 islands belong the archipelago
  • Seychelles cooking is based on chillies and seafood
  • The country is home to the heaviest land tortoise living in the wild; it's named Esmeralda, weighs 304 kg and can be found on Bird Island

The Seychelles consist of dozens of small islands scattered across a broad swathe of the Indian Ocean, but whichever island you choose to spend your luxury holiday on, you are guaranteed to see some of the millions of sea birds who live here or see century old giant tortoises roaming free. A thousand miles to the west lies Kenya and the two make for an excellent 'bush and beach' combination. The islands are famous for their idyllic white-sand beaches, dotted with distinctive granite boulders and lapped by warm turquoise waters. Pristine coral reefs offer superb snorkelling and diving.

The islands' Creole cuisine is a delicious blend of French and Indian influences. Original Travel knows the islands intimately and can explain the various merits of staying on the private paradises of North Island, Fregate Island and Cousine or on Praslin, a UNESCO world heritage site.

If you end up on Fregate Island, head over to Anse Maquereau beach and turn the sign at the top of the steps over to say 'Beach Occupied', then the beach is yours for the day.


Original Highlight

Image of Isabel de Galleani

The Seychelles' consciousness of conservation really struck me - they are very careful about protecting their marine and plant life, and the island's vegetation is lush as a result.

Isabel, Original Traveller

A note on price

A luxury holiday in the Seychelles at a top hotel can cost anything from £2,800 per person, including international and domestic flights, though price will depend on where you decide to stay. With some of the most exclusive islands in the world, the sky really is the limit. Learn more about our pricing

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  • Average Temp. — 27°C / 80°F
  • Rainfall — 37cm / 14.9 inches
  • Water Temp. — 28°C / 82°F
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Top picks for Seychelles

Four Seasons Seychelles

Four Seasons Seychelles


The Four Seasons group's quest for world domination continues with their first opening in the Seychelles. Expect excellent service and top notch comfort.

Where to stay

 Constance Ephelia, Seychelles

Constance Ephelia, Seychelles


As locations go, this is pretty special. Between two of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Mahé, and overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay, Constance Ephelia is set in 300 acres of lush vegetation.

Where to stay

Aerial View of Fregate Island

Fregate Island


Frégate, named after the graceful bird, is a near-perfect, 740-acre private island in the Seychelles, accommodating a maximum of 40 guests.

Where to stay

 Banyan Tree Seychelles

Banyan Tree Seychelles


The hotel occupies a 117 hectare site overlooking the beautiful Intendance Bay, and includes what has been described as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Where to stay

 Denis Island

Denis Island


Named after Denis de Trobriant, the French explorer who was the first European to discover it in 1773, Denis Island is located some 60 miles north of the main island of Mahé.

Where to stay

Bird Island chalet exterior

Bird Island


Situated in the most northerly archipelago of the Seychelles is Bird Island – a sanctuary of pure white beaches and tropical vegetation. An Eco-friendly and successful wildlife reserve, Bird Island is a haven of tranquillity and the perfect destination for nature and beach lovers.

Where to stay

Thank you so much for the wonderful wonderful Sharky and George packs! They are quite marvellous - and I thought the way the tickets and itinerary were packed was top notch! We really will be booking again with you!


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