Life is in the detail

Life is in the detail

At Original Travel, we need to understand what you like before we can truly say what you’ll love.

Nick, Al & Tom

Family Fun on Film

We've teamed up with much-loved children's party people, Sharky & George, to create family holidays jam-packed with fun, laughter and games.


Life is in the detail

With 600 acres of gardens and orchards, guests at Babylonstoren can enjoy the finest of the Cape's produce. The good news is that some of South Africa's best wineries are also within easy reach.

Ra - Original Traveller

Life is in the detail

Who said competition was a bad thing? The latest luxury island retreats in the Maldives are upping the ante with ever more amazing details. Anyone for an ambient pressure submarine ride, courtesy of Velaa Private Island?

Miranda - Original Traveller

Life is in the detail

We know the only place in the world where marine biologists have figured out why and exactly when whale sharks turn up.

Saskia - Original Traveller

Life is in the detail

The best tagliatelli vongole I've ever tasted (and there have been a few) was this year at the Monastero Santa Rosa on the Amalfi Coast. Eccezionale.

Dave - Original Traveller

Life is in the detail

Raja Ampat in Indonesia is home to beautiful deserted beaches and incredible dive sites, all best explored by luxury yacht.

Rachel - Original Traveller

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The Monastero Santa Rosa in Italy

For this week's Throwback Thursday we've picked an oldie but a goodie in Italy. Jules stayed at The Monastero Santa Rosa in 2013 - read the review.

View The Monastero Santa Rosa in Italy

Christmas Getaways: Time To Start Planning

Talk of Christmas already?!? Before you think we've gone all Argos on you, the majority of great festive season holiday spots do get booked up well in advance and as travel guardian angels we naturally only want the best for you. So, if the thought of doing one of Nigella's coke soaked hams (now,…

View Christmas Getaways: Time To Start Planning

Challenge Accepted!

Who watched the London marathon at the weekend? I went along to cheer on a friend and as I stood there, chocolate bar and fizzy drink in hand, enthusiastically cheering (and consequently spilling most of said fizzy drink all over the poor man in front of me) as hundreds of super-fit (and frankly…

View Challenge Accepted!

Our Little Black Book of Travel

Percy Shelley once wrote "Soul meets soul on lovers' lips." However, at Original Travel we like to think that soul meets soul on a far flung holiday... Spring is in the air and we've cast our favourite romantic holidays as characters in our very own Little Black Book. Don Juan, this one's for you!…

View Our Little Black Book of Travel

24 hours in... Brooklyn, New York

The trendification of New York's Brooklyn suburb has been well publicised over the past few years and it's become synonymous with the word 'hipster'. Jay-Z's childhood play ground now has streets laden with artisan coffee shops, quirky boutiques and trendy beards. Not forgetting it's a foodie's…

View 24 hours in... Brooklyn, New York

Nicaragua: Under-rated but Utterly Enchanting

How much do you know about Nicaragua? This little gem of a destination (well, it's actually the biggest central American country) is oft-overlooked as a holiday destination when placed next to the big boys of Latin America - Brazil, Argentina, Mexico. Nicaragua was my first venture outside Europe…

View Nicaragua: Under-rated but Utterly Enchanting

Discovering Dubai

After having my reservations about the place - I was pleasantly impressed with what Dubai has to offer.

View Discovering Dubai

Sharky & George-ified Original Travel Family Holidays

Some matches are made in heaven and that's certainly the way we feel about the relationship between Original Travel and children's party people Sharky & George. Both companies opened for business in 2003 and have since gone from strength to strength. Then in 2010 Rosie from Original Travel…

View Sharky & George-ified Original Travel Family Holidays

Texas Pecan Pie Recipe

From the heart of Texas comes the traditional pecan pie, representing Texas's pride as the pecan is the nation's state tree. You will never miss this pie on thanksgiving or at Christmas as it is an essential (and incredibly delicious) part of Texan culture. Convince yourself:

View Texas Pecan Pie Recipe

The World on Sale

So what's up? It's more a question of what's down, and particularly against the Pound, thanks to a resurgent British economy. The rest will inevitably catch up (we're good sports like that) so the exchange rate bonanza won't last, but in the meantime there are bargains to be had. The World's on sale…

View The World on Sale

A week in: Cambodia

Once merely a tourist thoroughfare for those keen to tick off the spectacle that is Angkor Wat, Cambodia is now home to a private island resort that's been likened to the Maldives pre-tourist boom and has made the country's coast a luxury holiday go-to. Discover how we'd spend a week* in this hot…

View A week in: Cambodia

Which African Safari Are You?

African safaris are not, in our humble opinion, marmite scenarios; rather something absolutely everyone should try and will, undoubtedly, love. Even if you're a seasoned safari-pro, there's still more to try and if you've never done it before, there's no time like the present. So, what type of…

View Which African Safari Are You?

Our #throwbackthursday blog this week is Jules' review of the Monastero Santa Rosa hotel in #Italy. Read it here:

1 hour ago

Read more

Photo of the day? Amelia has been touring #Uzbekistan & it looks beautiful: Find out more:

2 hours ago

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We're very saddened by the news that Mark Shand has passed away. Not only was he an amazing travel writer, he was also chairman of one of OT's favourite foundations, The Elephant Family. Our thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time.

3 hours ago

Read more

Simoon Travel's Amelia has been in Uzbekistan - here are some of her amazing photos:

8 hours ago

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HAPPY EASTER! We hope you're having an eggs-traordinary (sorry) long weekend.

4 days ago

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Your Friday travel quote...

6 days ago

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Simoon Travel's Amelia has just returned from a tour around Algeria's Grand Erg Occidental in the North West. If you thought London was a bit sandy last week then here's the real deal:

17 days ago

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Some Friday travel inspiration:

20 days ago

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Our latest newsletter is all about Europe and, as you may have guessed, we're big fans! The food, the culture, the beaches, the history - the list goes on and on. Pop quiz - can you guess where in Europe the landmark below is? Answers on a postcard (or, you know, just comment below!)

21 days ago

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