Small Details, Big Difference

Small Details, Big Difference

From our detailed destination dossiers to complimentary lounge access, we've curated 31 little things that hopefully represent the attention to detail and thoughtfulness you receive when booking an Original Travel holiday.

Nick - Original Traveller. Planning

Life is in the Detail

The flamingo-filled lagoons of the Atacama desert in Chile are all the more accessible in 2017, thanks to a new direct flight to Santiago with British Airways.

Will - Original Traveller. Chile

Life is in the Detail

British planter James Taylor introduced tea to Sri Lanka back in 1867. Today, tea remains one of the largest industries in the country - and the plantations make for some pretty beautiful landscapes, too.

Rosie - Original Traveller. Sri Lanka

Life is in the Detail

Pack up the cases and the kids and head to Oman for a dose of winter sun and fun on an Original Travel Sharky & George-ified holiday

Charlotte - Original Traveller. Oman

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Luxury tailor-made holidays from Original Travel

At Original Travel we believe that life is in the detail

There is a world of possibilities out there

Here are just a few trip ideas to get you started

Stockholm and an Arctic Adventure

Stockholm and an Arctic Adventure

For those short on time but big on experience, Sweden provides an epic Big Short Break. With just a four night trip, split your time between the achingly trendy capital of Stockholm, and an arctic retreat, where husky sledding, snowmobiling and reindeer are all on the menu.

Eastern Sri Lanka

Highlights of Sri Lanka

A perfect combination of culture, wildlife, beaches and some fantastic food, Sri Lanka has no fewer than seven World Heritage Sites, including ancient cities, temples and nature reserves. Miles of palm fringed beaches also make the perfect conclusion to a fascinating cultural tour.

Highlights of Persia

Highlights of Persia

Something of a must for culture vultures, Iran – or Persia, as it was once known – is an eclectic feast for the senses, and this is the time to explore a country which is very much on the rise. Soak up the compelling history as you travel from one city of rare beauty to another across the striking landscapes, meeting locals eager to share their rich heritage.

Highlights of Oman

Highlights of Oman

One week beginning in Oman’s capital, Muscat, soaking up the city whilst lounging in luxury at The Chedi, before decamping to the desert for a combination of isolation and adventure. Finally, stay 2,000 metres above sea-level in the Al Hajar mountains, exploring Oman’s stunning landscape on foot, clambering over canyons and rocky outcrops, or visiting hidden cultural gems.

Sunset over Kerala

Introducing India

One of the most vibrant country's on Earth, India can conjure up a multitude of conflicting emotions during any stay. As a result it's not everybody's cup of chai, but those who fall for the subcontinent fall hard, and become lifelong devotees. This itinerary has been designed you give you a taster of both North and South India.

South Africa in Style

South Africa in Style

South Africa offers the chance to enjoy a huge variety of experiences without the need for too much internal travel. Minimise your time in airports and maximise it in destination as you combine city life, stunning vineyards, coastal retreats and safari in a two week trip.

A Family Road Trip on the West Coast

A Family Road Trip on the West Coast

Road tripping with the kids might seem like a slightly daunting task, but travelling down the West Coast of California is packed to the rafters with activities, and scenery to make little jaws drop.

Java, Kalimantan & Lombok: Relics, Rainforest and Relaxation

Java, Kalimantan & Lombok: Relics, Rainforest and Relaxation

This is one for the adventurers, who like their creatures, and their creature comforts. A combination of ancient temple sites, time to explore the rainforest of Borneo in search of orangutan, and stunning beaches, with great snorkelling and diving within reach.

Sunrise in the Tuscan countryside

The Treasures of Tuscany

Tuscany is known for its outstanding natural beauty, along with its architectural and artistic magnificence. To see the best of Tuscany, explore both the cities and the countryside for a culturally and historically rich adventure.

Reefs and Reserves of Tanzania

Reefs and Reserves of Tanzania

Explore the lesser visited Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania, sandwiched between two coastal retreats: a hidden gem on the mainland, and one of our favourite island escapes.

Swimming Pool at the Amanzoe

Luxurious Peloponnese

The birthplace of Greek legends such as Hercules and Paris of Troy, the Peloponnese region retains a mythological charm. Separated from the mainland by the Corinth Canal, the peninsula has been inhabited by a number of civilizations, and is scattered with Mycenean, Classical and Byzantine sites. Explore secluded coves, azure waters, vineyards, olive groves while relaxing in some of the countries best hotels.

Flowers in Oaxaca

Luxury Mexico: Cities, Civilisations and Caribbean Coast

A trip to savour the vibrant metropolis of Mexico City, the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas and some relaxation on the Caribbean Coast offers one of the most culturally diverse experiences to be found in Mexico.

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The Colours of Guatemala and El Salvador

My first trip to Central America was so colorful that I have been living in monochrome ever since. I urge anyone with a penchant for pastels, a fetish for fluorescents or a bias for bolds to visit. Here are my most colourful moments from Guatemala and El Salvador.

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Eight Reasons To Go To India Right Now

India has long been a favourite amongst Original Travel staff and clients alike. It's the kind of country that inspires a lifelong affinity and, once people catch the India bug, they tend to go back again and again - there is always more to discover. With that in mind, here are eight reasons…

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Hit The Slopes

Imagine this: you're sitting on a sofa 30 feet above the ground with two planks tied to your feet as you casually get hoiked up the side of a snowy mountain. What is this madness? Well, when put like that, skiing does sound a bit… odd. But who can deny the glory of fresh mountain air rushing…

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The Best Honeymoon Destinations in South America

Ah the honeymoon, the perfect break to escape the drama of bringing two families together and to postpone the writing of very vague thank you notes (who did gift that nutri-2000 pasta machine?). Whilst minds automatically race to visions of white sand beaches and swaying palms, we like to…

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Puglia - Italy's Hidden Gem

When most people think of travelling to Italy, they picture the rolling hills of Tuscany, the waterways of Venice and the historic sites of Rome. Few would immediately think of Puglia, on the heel of Italy's boot, and yet it too has its fair share of lovely boutique hotels, beautiful…

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Spotlight on Latin America

Latin America has it all, whether you're meandering through the bustling, colourful markets of the world's highest capital city, La Paz, reclining with a robust malbec in Mendoza, or soaking up the sun on the picture perfect beaches of Brazil. It's a region that has enthralled Original…

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An Icelandic Adventure in Photos

Garlinda Birkbeck, professional photographer, made a trip to Iceland organised by Original Travel, in February 2016 with Peter Wilson and Griff RhysJones. They flew to Akureyri, hired a car and drove to Myvatn, where they stayed for a couple of days. Then they made their way around the…

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Five Favourite Hotels in Italy

Luxury, style, exquisite landscapes and, of course, delicious food - Italy is unbeatable. From the romantic undulating Tuscan hills evoking images of woody wine cellars and rows of olive trees, to the sensational Amalfi coast, a source of inspiration for Dolce and Gabanna's fantastical…

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A Room With A View

We may have shamelessly stolen E.M. Forster's title but fear not, we're not embarking upon a literary critique of 20th Century English society (that's next week). We've instead been pondering the very best views from some simply spectacular hotel rooms across the planet… a guaranteed…

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The death of “Death in the Afternoon”?

Whether you fall into the "adore it" or the "loathe it" camp - and there are none that fall into the gap in-between - bullfighting has always intrigued. Still practiced in many southern Spanish towns, as well as in France, Portugal and in some South American nations, tauromachy, to give the…

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Use it or Lose it

It's that time of year again: the time when you realise that Christmas is just 78 short days away but you haven't actually managed to take all of your annual holiday allowance. Something must be done (hint: that's where we come in). Surveys keep coming out claiming that us Brits remain…

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Best Honeymoon Hotels in Brazil

Brazil is the antidote to the cliché fly and flop honeymoon. From sleek hotels and stylish beach lifestyle, to countryside fazendas and barefoot beach bliss, the country is a cocktail that shakes and stirs the senses making a trip here exciting at every turn. That is of course if you know…

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Huvafen Fushi in the #Maldives have a great festive offer on at the moment. If you stay between 20 December - 12 January you will get 40% off, not one to be missed!

11 hours ago

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From foodie delights in Belgium to festive markets in Aachen, here's some top wintry city breaks @GuardianTravel

12 hours ago

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#ThursdayMotivation some photos of baby sloths from @NatGeoTravel to help make it through until the weekend! #sloth

13 hours ago

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Chalet Zannier in Megeve has been awarded France's Best Ski Boutique Hotel and it is offering 25% off all rooms and suites between December 16th and 27th so act fast!

1 day ago

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December is normally a popular time for people in colder parts of the country to plan sunny trips to #Hawaii but it has seen quite a lot of snow and there's some cool photos to prove it. However, there's no need to swap to a snowboard just yet as the mountains of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa usually see some snow in winter. (via CNTraveler)

2 days ago

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Helen has recently returned from her first trip to Central America which was full of vibrant colours in both Guatemala and El Salvador. They are home to Mayan ruins, great local markets and some amazing street art in Ataco.

3 days ago

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India has long been one of our favourite destinations and we think everyone should be going there right NOW. It is home to incredible cuisine, new hotels and great shopping as well as having new flight routes and an abundance of family activities, what more could you need?

6 days ago

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#HotelofTheDay is Dar Ahlam in #Morocco who are offering 15 fabulous weekends in 2017 to celebrate their 15 year anniversary. #ThursdayThought

7 days ago

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When thinking of honeymoons you automatically jump to visions of white sand beaches and swaying palms but we like to go a little outside the box. South America is one of our favourite honeymoon picks so here's some of our ideas, and don't be alarmed, we haven't completely ditched the beaches and palms.

8 days ago

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As the cold weather is gracing us with its presence and The Alps is having its best pre-Christmas snowfall for years, now is a great time to book a Euro Ski break. Here is a round-up of a few of our top picks.

9 days ago

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Deplar Farm in northern Iceland offers its guests one of the most unique skiing experiences on the planet. The lodge is surrounded by 3,000ft peaks and guests are dropped off at mountain tops by helicopter, before skiing all the way down pristine slopes right to the ocean shore. Powder hounds, step this way...

13 days ago

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The Peruvian Amazon is home to hundreds of species of birds, insects, cats, monkeys, reptiles and fish as well as much more flora and fauna.

15 days ago

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