Luxury Holidays to Russia: an Overview

One of the most evocative destinations in the world, Russia is represented in all its contrary ways by the two cities we love - St. Petersburg and the capital Moscow. St. Petersburg is simply one of the world's most beautiful cities, built in defiance of nature and logic - and at great human cost - on marshy islands at the mouth of the River Neva on Russia's Baltic coastline. In contrast, but no less fascinating, Moscow is a more eastern-focused city than it's long-term rival. For anyone with the remotest interest in history and culture, a luxury holiday in Russia will not disappoint.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • From palaces to cupolas, Russia isn't short of beautiful and iconic architecture, from Moscow's Kremlin and St Basil's Cathedral to the Hermitage and palaces of St Petersburg
  • It's home to two of the world's best ballets; performances at the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky will thrill even the most uncultured soul
  • Snow, fur hats, skating, Tolstoy, troika rides, borsch, matrioshkas, Tchaikovsky, vodka and lashings of caviar… not necessarily in that order!

Tailor Made Holidays and Tours in Russia: the Detail

St. Petersburg is seriously impressive, but there's almost more to be learnt about the Russian psyche from the enormous palaces built by subsequent tsars and tsarinas in the countryside around the city. It's easier to understand the shift to communism - the 1917 revolution kicked off here, incidentally - after wandering around these temples to excess with a guide bringing the places to life.

A three hour daytime (or longer overnight) train away in Moscow, the sites of the Kremlin are a magnificent must-see, and the showy displays of wealth by the winners in the post-communist free-for-all are a reminder that ostentation is a trait the Russians have had all along. We know and can recommend all the latest restaurants, bars and clubs to watch the new Russian money flowing as fast as the champagne.

Did you know

  • The average Russian consumes about 18 litres of alcohol every year (double what experts consider dangerous)
  • Russia and America are less then 4km apart at the closest point
  • In 1908 the Russian Olympic team arrived 12 days too late for the games because they weren't using the Gregorian calendar yet
  • In 1867 the US bought Alaska from Russia for only US$ 7.2 million
  • Russia is the world's only country bordering 12 seas


Original Highlight

Lake Baikal train ride
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Speeding through the dark Russian night on a train from Moscow to St Petersburg; most of Russia’s most romantic stories involve a train journey and you’ll soon see why - it’s the only way to travel in this vast and mysterious country.

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A note on price

A five night trip exploring the imposing Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg (including accommodation in luxurious hotels, international flights, transfers and private guided tours of sites including Red Square, the Kremlin and Tsarskoe Selo) will cost approximately £4,500 for two people. Learn more about our pricing

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Top picks for Russia

Ritz-Carlton Moscow

Ritz-Carlton Moscow


Since the early 18th century No. 3 Tverskaya Street has been a hotel - the state run ‘Intourist’ was here during the Soviet era - but it was only in 2007 that the Ritz-Carlton opened its doors, becoming the first of the Western luxury hotel giants to stake a claim to the city. The original, and for many still the best, the Ritz Carlton boasts not only one of the city’s most sought after addresses - Red Square is practically its back garden - but also some of its most stylish accommodations.

Where to stay

St Basils at night in Moscow



As the capital of a country so large that it spans nine time zones and two continents, Moscow was always going to be a pretty exciting place; combine that with the fact that it morphed from the beating heart of communist Europe to capitalist panacea in the space of a decade, and you've got a city like no other.

Where to go

Baltschug Kempinski

Baltschug Kempinski


Just across the river from Red Square, the Baltschug Kempinski is located on Bolotny Island, Moscow’s trendiest hotspot, but also has views of the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour for traditionalists.

Where to stay

Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow


The Ararat Park Hyatt is the most modern of the luxury hotels in central Moscow and often regarded as the best, all just a few minutes walk from the city’s most iconic landmarks and next door to the Bolshoi.

Where to stay

St Nicholas Cathedral

St Petersburg


Built in defiance of nature and logic, St. Petersburg is a monument to the will of Peter the Great. His city became a ‘window on the West’ and remains Russia’s cultural capital.

Where to go

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

St Petersburg

Situated in the heart of St. Petersburg on the main avenue of the city, the famous Nevsky Prospekt, the hotel's building is classified as a historical monument.

Where to stay

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