Luxury Holidays in Kenya

The ultimate 'bush and beach' destination, Kenya is a classic getaway appealing to honeymooners and families alike, and everyone in between.

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Eleanor, Ra and Charlotte are here to help give you the inside track.

Why we think you’ll love it

  • The Masai Mara and the two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle who migrate there annually
  • The riding safaris; you'll cross rivers with hippos and crocodiles eyeballing you from further upstream, watch elephants pulling down trees just feet away, and share a campfire supper beneath the stars
  • The Kenyan coast - you won't find a beach like Lamu's anywhere else in the world

Luxury Safaris & Holidays in Kenya: The Detail

There's no denying that Kenya has had its problems of late, but the fact that the country still remains one of Original Travel's most popular destinations is testament to the country's enduring appeal, and the impressive stoicism and loyalty of our clients. As a result, we'd like to take this opportunity to pass on an appreciation for your support from the lodge owners and guides we work with in Kenya, and to remind you, if you needed reminding, that Kenya remains one of the most magical destinations for luxury holidays and safaris on our planet.

Did you know

  • The country is named after its highest mountain, Mount Kenya
  • Kenya shares the world's largest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria, with Uganda and Tanzania
  • Scientists believe that the first humans lived in Kenya
  • There are more than 50 reserves and National Parks to protect animals in Kenya
  • Kenya is known for its middle distance and long distance runner Olympic Champions
  • According to tradition, a father must give his son in law at least 10 cows when he marries his daughter

While Kenya is best known for the lodges and landscape of the Masai Mara and the multitudes of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle who migrate there annually, there are other - more family-friendly - lodges in Meru National Park from which to enjoy a safari in the Laikipia region. This really is a heavenly place to bring the family, with children able to spend their holiday in Kenya identifying animal tracks, making bows and arrows, fishing, horse riding or camel trekking in the company of Samburu or Masai warriors. It's also an incredibly romantic destination and we can recommend the best parks and lodges to stay in if you're planning a honeymoon to Kenya.

Elsewhere, and relatively untouched by the modern world, the beaches of the Kenyan Coast are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. We work with only the very best hotels and can arrange a huge variety of watersports, from waterskiing and windsurfing to swimming with dolphins, snorkelling and diving on the reefs and exploring mangrove creeks by kayak. The enduring legacy of the Omani empire that once stretched along this coastline adds an additional angle, with a visit to the culturally fascinating Lamu Town a big recommendation.

Finally, we can arrange private trips to the more remote corners of the Rift Valley Lakes - havens for flamingo and myriad other birds - while further north still Lake Turkana, the Jade Sea, sits in a desert wilderness. This was the birthplace of the first proto-humans and you don't need to be a disciple of Darwin to feel a sense of the profound importance of the place.

On the subject of origins, most original of all in Kenya are our exclusive helicopter safaris into the wilds of the Northern Frontier District. This sparsely inhabited but intensely beautiful region occupies basically the top half of the country, and so helicopter is often the best, and sometimes the only, way to explore.

Several members of the Original Travel team have lived, worked or were brought up in Kenya. We revisit existing properties and new lodges on a regular basis and work with only the very best guides and can always recommend the best watering hole to spot elephants cooling off, or that serve an ice cold Tusker beer, depending on which type of watering hole you're after.


Original Highlight

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Image of Ra D'Arcy Clark

I went on a walking safari in the beautiful and remote Mathews Mountain Range where camels carried our bags and the Samburu people pitched the tents - definitely one of my most memorable moments.

Ra, Original Traveller

A note on price

At the cheaper end of the luxury scale, you can be driven around Kenya for around £3,500 per person, but if you're keen to do a full helicopter safari, expect to pay significantly more. Learn more about our pricing

Weather in January January February March April May June July August September October November December
  • Average Temp. — 27°C / 80°F
  • Rainfall — 2cm / 1.1 inches
  • Water Temp. — 28°C / 82°F



Kenyan Shilling

Visa Requirements




Food & Drink

•Ugali – cornmeal starch mixed into a thick paste, eaten with any kind of meat! • Maharagwe – a delicious dish made kidney beans in a coconut curry soup.

What to pack

Cotton clothing, mosquito repellent for safaris, a hat to shade you from the sun and binoculars for an even closer view of Kenya’s wildlife!

Flight from London

8:15 hrs

Time Difference

GMT +3 hrs

Top picks for Kenya

Giraffe, Kenya

The Masai Mara


A safari in Kenya's Masai Mara has one of the densest concentrations of wildlife anywhere on Earth.

Where to go

Wooden boat on the beach at Saruni Samburu

The Ocean Spa Lodge

The Kenyan Coast

The Ocean Spa Lodge (formerly Saruni Ocean) occupies an undiscovered location making it the perfect stop off pre or post safari.

Where to stay

Sunlit Lounge at Saruni Samburu

Saruni Samburu

Samburu, Meru & the North

Saruni Samburu is a deluxe lodge, set amongst the Kalama Community Conservancy, and happens to be the only lodge in the 200,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness.

Where to stay

Walking Safari, Laikipia

Laikipia Walking Safaris


Laikipia is rugged, undulating, rocky, beautiful, wild and remote. The climate is perfect, high altitude makes it cool at night and warm during the day. Basically perfect walking country. Then there is the game. Elephant, giraffe, lion, African wild dog, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffalo, zebra, warthog, hippo and all the quirky different antelope species. This is simply one of the best places in Africa to go on a walking safari.

What to do

Manda Bay

Manda Bay

The Kenyan Coast

Manda Bay is located on a long stretch of sandy, protected beach on the north-western tip of Manda Island, in the Lamu archipelago.

Where to stay

Dhow boat in Kenya

The Kenyan Coast


Kenya is renowned as a safari destination, but has miles of idyllic coastline to explore as part of a 'bush and beach' trip or as a beach paradise in its own right.

Where to go

Ride Kenya Mobile Camp

Ride Kenya Mobile Camp

Southern Kenya

The whole Chyulu Hills area is a vital corridor for animals, including some of the best lion habitats left in Africa.

Where to stay

Cottars Tent, Kenya

Cottar's 1920's Camp

The Masai Mara

Cottar’s 1920’s Camp is the oldest established family run safari camp in Africa spanning over five generations. Situated amidst 6,000 acres of private reserve and located less than a mile from the Masai Mara, the camp offers bespoke safari experiences.

Where to stay

Helicopter, Kenya

Helicopter Safaris in the Northern Frontier District

Samburu, Meru & the North

Original Travel now offers Kenyan helicopter safaris way beyond the tourist trail and deep into the remote heartlands of the Northern Frontier District.

What to do

Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge

Southern Kenya

Ol Donyo Lodge is located in 275,000 acres of private wilderness sitting beneath the slopes of the Chyulu National Park in the Amboseli region of southern Kenya.

Where to stay

Angama Mara

Angama Mara


The Swahili word for ‘suspended in mid-air’ – Angama – lends itself as the moniker for one of Kenya’s newest, and most luxurious lodges. Situated on the north-west tip of the Mara Triangle, the stunning Angama Mara perches wistfully on the rim of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, offering impressive views over the Maasai Mara Reserve.

Where to stay

Offbeat Meru Camp

Where to stay

Cheetah, Kenya

Riding Safaris in Kenya


Due to the sheer variety of its landscapes and places to stay, Kenya remains an unsurpassed riding safari destination.

What to do

Masai Mara Camp

Mara Expedition Camp

The Masai Mara

Located on the banks of the Ntiakitiak River the Mara Expedition Camp lies quietly under a grove of ebony trees inside the breath-taking Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Where to stay

Laikipia Camels, Kenya

Laikipia Camel Safaris


A camel safari is the ideal way to travel through the wilds of Northern Kenya, escaping the constraints of a vehicle (cars can't get here anyway), and where the camel train is the only traffic for miles around you.

What to do

Lounge Area at Enasoit



Enasoit is a private hire lodge situated on the Laikipia Plateau at the foot of Mount Kenya and is a haven for superb game viewings.

Where to stay

Giraffe, Laikipia, Kenya



Laikipia is a vast expanse of wild and rugged country in the central highlands of Kenya.

Where to go

Yellow Biplane

Laikipia Biplane Flights


Fulfil any lingering 'Out of Africa' or Biggles fantasies with a biplane flight over the Kenyan savannah.

What to do

Our trip was AMAZING!! I can truly say that everything was perfect. Thank you again for arranging everything and attending to every detail.


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