Holidays in North East Brazil: an Overview

At the North Eastern tip of Brazil is Jericoacoara, home to huge sand dunes and a deliciously laid back vibe. Further south, the small fishing village of Pipa perches on cliffs overlooking some of Brazil's finest beaches. Finally, 220 miles from the mainland east of Pipa lies the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha - a UNESCO Natural Heritage site - consisting of 21 small volcanic islands, isolated in the equatorial South Atlantic. All different, all wonderful.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Finished off with coconut trees and miles of pristine white beaches, the landscapes of Jeri are out of this world
  • Road journeys take longer up here, so as a result, often the beaches form the highways - a great way to travel!

Luxury Holidays in North East Brazil: The Detail

Jericoacoara and Pipa on the mainland, and Fernando do Noronha island, are beach havens and full of wildlife and activities aplenty. Jericoacoara, or 'Jeri' as it's fondly referred to by locals, has a seductive and low key feel that attracts a laid back crowd looking for somewhere to relax or to enjoy windsurfing or kite surfing.

The landscape changes to the south, around Pipa, where the warm tropical seawater is frequented by turtles and dolphins and the scenery becomes a mix of dramatic cliff faces and giant sand dunes. In the village itself, there are some excellent eateries hidden away for those in the know - we will ensure you are.

Flying in to Fernando do Noronha, you are given a bird's-eye view of the islands' deserted cream beaches and hills clad in tropical vegetation. Accommodation is on the largest island, also called Fernando, and the only one that is inhabited. The island's controlled visitor numbers means that you will have the pick of the 14 beaches and can choose from those that are ideal for surfing, or others that are more sheltered and perfect for swimming, snorkelling or sunbathing. With a year-round temperature of 25°C, Fernando de Noronha is a little piece of paradise.


Original Highlight

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Somewhat like the Galápagos, tourist numbers on Fernando de Noronha are strictly regulated due to its rich wildlife, both marine and on land.

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A note on price

Brazil is the most expensive country in South America to visit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t represent great value for money – but it’s still one of our absolute favourites. A two week itinerary starts from £3,500 per person including flights – but if you’re hoping to cover a lot of ground, expect to pay a lot more. Learn more about our pricing

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  • Average Temp. — 27°C / 80°F
  • Rainfall — 15cm / 5.9 inches
  • Water Temp. — 25°C / 77°F
Flight from London

10:45 hrs

Time Difference

GMT -3 hrs

Top picks for North East Brazil

Vila Kalango

Vila Kalango

North East Brazil

Vila Kalango is a chic shack situated on the wide and sweeping beach of the relaxed town of Jericoacoara and is the perfect spot to hone the kitesurfing and windsurfing skills.

Where to stay

Toca da Coruja

Toca da Coruja

North East Brazil

Located in the former fishing village of Pipa, Toca da Coruja is a boutique jungle gem surrounded by private gardens and rainforest.

Where to stay

Pousada Teju-Acu

Pousada Teju-Acu

North East Brazil

Fernando de Noronha has been described as ‘the Emerald of the Atlantic’, and we certainly think we’ve found a hidden gem in Pousada Teju-Acu.

Where to stay

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Diving, Fernando do Noronha

North East Brazil

The Fernando do Noronha archipelago is known as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world due to the richness of the marine fauna and the transparency of the water.

What to do

Kite Surfing, Brazil

Kite Surfing, Jeri

North East Brazil

The National Park of Jericoacoara is flanked by huge dunes, with lakes of crystal-clear water that are the ideal place for newcomers to wind or kite surfing.

What to do

Essenza Hotel

Essenza Hotel

North East Brazil

Located on the beautiful beach of Jericoacoara and overlooking the waters of Ceará, is the contemporary Essenza Hotel.

Where to stay

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