Luxury Holidays to Jordan

For a small country, Jordan packs an impressive punch in terms of history, culture and scenery, and the proximity of its key sights makes a luxury holiday to Jordan ideal for the time-pressed traveller.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • It's home to the phenomenal architectural wonder that is Petra. Set aside at least two days of your holiday to explore the rose-red city
  • Cantering across the Wadi Rum desert like Lawrence of Arabia and sleeping beneath the stars is cinematically epic
  • The wild flowers that carpet the Roman city of Jerash in Spring are a sight to behold
  • You'll dispel any riding aches and pains thanks to the mysteriously restorative process of floating in/on the Dead Sea

Tailor Made Holidays and Group Tours to Jordan: the Detail

Several of the Original Travel team have explored Jordan, and foremost among the many, many memorable sites are Petra, the fabled 'rose-red city half as old as time' and the inspiring desert landscapes of Wadi Rum.

The two thousand-year-old Nabataean city of Petra, which grew rich at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, must rank as one of the world's most impressive archaeological sites. Entering via a narrow, high-walled ravine, the city whose name simply means 'rock' is revealed, hewn into the sandstone hills. Top tip? When you arrive at Petra in the morning, head straight to the Monastery - a long walk, but worth it as you will have the whole place to yourself. Then make your way back through Petra during the day.

Did you know

  • It is considered polite refusing a meal three times before actually accepting it
  • The capital Amman was originally built across seven hills, known as 'jabals'
  • The Dead Sea is the world's lowest point, at 1,200ft below sea level

Not far to the south, the wind-sculpted mountains and canyons of Wadi Rum rise from the desert floor. Explore this extraordinary environment and its bizarre rock formations, and then spend the night in the atmospheric surroundings of a private Bedouin camp exclusively run for Original Travel, knowing that Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab militia had their base here during the Great War.

Heading back north along the King's Highway takes you via Madaba - home to the remarkable two-million-piece, 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land, and Mount Nebo, from where Moses first viewed the Promised Land.

Next stop, the Dead Sea and the chance to experience the peculiar sensation of floating on the surface thanks to the extreme salinity in this, the lowest point on Earth. It's also possible to enjoy spa treatments using the sea's mineral-rich mud in one of the excellent Dead Sea hotels.

Finally, many people view Amman as somewhere to pass through on the way to more interesting sites. True, the capital cannot hold a torch to Petra or Wadi Rum, but the Roman (amphi)theatre is well worth a look, and this is the place from which to reach another Roman wonder - Jerash - to the north.


A note on price

Prices vary: week long group visits (of 8-10) including flights, meals and accommodation in four or five star hotels would cost around £2,000 per person. However, two people travelling business class, staying in five-star hotels (half board), accompanied by a guide and driver and including all site visits could pay up to £8,000 per person for a 10-day trip. Learn more about our pricing

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Top picks for Jordan

Jerash, Jordan



One of the finest preserved Greco - Roman cities in the Middle East and within easy reach of Amman, it truly is a place to let your imagination run wild and to lose yourself in history.

What to do

Petra, Jordan



Petra was carved from pink sandstone cliffs by the Nabataeans some two millennia ago, and left undisturbed until its rediscovery in 1812.

What to do

Floating on the Dead Sea

Floating on the Dead Sea


The lowest point on Earth lies at 1,200 feet below sea level, where the Jordan River empties into the Dead Sea.

What to do

Jeep, Jordan

Driving Safari


After seeing the sites of Amman, explore the King’s Highway with a knowledgeable driver or guide.

What to do

Movenpick Resort Petra

Movenpick Resort Petra


The hotel has a contemporary exterior and a luxuriant interior based on Arabic and oriental design.

Where to stay

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum


Explore the vast, hugely romantic swathes of desert made famous by 'Lawrence of Arabia'.

What to do

We loved every minute. We love diving and are already looking at your book and thinking about next year.


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