Luxury European Holidays: An Overview

Europe is AMAZING. Fact. We could wax lyrical all day long about the beautiful beaches, great ski resorts, rich heritage, cultural diversity, buzzing cities etc etc. but as it is conveniently close to the UK we highly recommend you put one (or several) of its countries to the test.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Great for a much needed city break or long weekend
  • Fabulous range of five star luxury European beach hotels
  • Ski, sip and swim - Europe has powdery slopes, ripe vineyards and swathes of stunning beaches
  • What's not to love? And it's all on our doorsteps...

Our guide to holidays in Europe

Europe contains more countries than Asia, a continent five times its size. This is both a testament to Europe's extraordinary cultural diversity…and to the inhabitants' unerring ability to have a punch up and then redraw the boundaries every few years.

Did you know

  • Europe is the world's second-smallest continent with the second-largest population
  • The Violin and Piano are European inventions
  • Europe is the only continent without any deserts

We in the UK are extremely lucky to be perched on the edge of a continent with such extraordinarily rich heritage in what is a relatively small area. That the region in question also incorporates towering mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and pretty much everything in between makes it all the more fortunate. Culture vultures and adrenaline junkies alike will find plenty to keep them interested, and there's not an overnight flight in sight.

This is the perfect region for taking one of our trademark and award-winning Big Short Breaks - be that an adventure, ski or city break or just a last minute long weekend of R&R. All our Big Short Breaks are designed around the concept of 'Minimum Time, Maximum Experience' and only the trips that are truly accessible and original make the grade.

The Original Travel team have lived, worked and travelled in the vast majority of European nations, and we have spent the last few years sampling the Continent's finest hotels, landscapes, cities and restaurants so we can point you in the right direction when you're there.


A note on price

A no-expense-spared, tailor made Italian holiday exploring the country's artistic and cultural centres over a week – think Venice, Verona, Florence, Siena and Rome - staying in some of the world’s finest hotels can cost around £8,000 per person. However, a weekend city break can be done for £400 per person including flights. Learn more about our pricing

Top picks for Europe

Brightly Painted Spanish Houses in Granada



Sometimes overshadowed by the charms of France and Italy, and weighed down by a persistent package holiday image problem, Spain remains an all time Original Travel favourite.

Where to go

Aerial view of Douro Valley



Portugal is a little place with a lot to do.

Where to go

A typical street view of Italy



Italy, we believe, is the perfect all round destination, with so much to see and do and food that is tantalisingly close to perfection.

Where to go

Dubrovnik overview



Dubrovnik, Dalmatia and the foodie haven of Istria make Croatia one alluring destination.

Where to go




One of the great summer destinations, with everything from historic ruins to some of Europe’s hottest nightclubs, our luxury holidays in Greece offer a combination of hedonism and culture that is hard to beat.

Where to go

Cyprus beach



Sandy beaches, sparkling blue sea, excellent hotels for couples and families, and delicious food - we love Cyprus.

Where to go

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