By Natalie
On: 10th January, 2017

Exploring Dubrovnik's Old Town

  • Dubrovnik
  • Croatia

Just a couple of steps in and already you feel like you stepped back in time! A UNESCO world heritage site filled with steep alley stairways and marching guards; just a handful of things which make Dubrovnik's Old Town so special.


By Guest blogger
On: 21st December, 2016

Exploring Finnish Lapland

  • Finland

Few things peak at the grand old age of 99, I certainly will not. Even fewer things pack a punch at 99. Finnish Lapland however is looking pretty marvellous and with temperatures of -20 over the winter it is only for the punchy.

By Jess
On: 19th December, 2016

Where You've Been in 2016

  • Los Angeles
  • French Polynesia
  • Chile
  • Iran
  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Iceland
  • New York
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia

At the end every year we love to take a look back at some of the amazing trips we've planned for our clients, and this year there have been some absolute stonkers. We're talking intrepid honeymoons, adventurous sabbaticals, secret beach breaks, fun-filled family getaways, cultural escapades…


By Katie
On: 13th December, 2016

Borneo's Best Bits

  • Borneo

Borneo is a wild island, home to the infamous Headhunter Tribe and an ancient dense rainforest full of wildlife including the beautiful orang-utans and even the rarely spotted Clouded Leopard. Many people want to head here to explore this remote destination where the last headhunting took…


By Rosie
On: 8th December, 2016

Variety is the Spice of Life

  • Sri Lanka
  • Galle & the Southern Beaches

Sri Lanka has long been a favourite destination of ours here at Original Travel. It's a country that really does have it all; culture, stunning scenery, wildlife, beaches, boutique hotels, sumptuous food and perfect weather. I've just returned from my fifth trip (it's a hard life) and each…

Lake Atitlan

By Helen M
On: 5th December, 2016

The Colours of Guatemala and El Salvador

  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador

My first trip to Central America was so colorful that I have been living in monochrome ever since. I urge anyone with a penchant for pastels, a fetish for fluorescents or a bias for bolds to visit. Here are my most colourful moments from Guatemala and El Salvador.

Jaipur Palace

By Miranda
On: 29th November, 2016

Eight Reasons To Go To India Right Now

  • India

India has long been a favourite amongst Original Travel staff and clients alike. It's the kind of country that inspires a lifelong affinity and, once people catch the India bug, they tend to go back again and again - there is always more to discover. With that in mind, here are eight reasons…


By Lucy
On: 21st November, 2016

Puglia - Italy's Hidden Gem

  • Italy
  • Puglia

When most people think of travelling to Italy, they picture the rolling hills of Tuscany, the waterways of Venice and the historic sites of Rome. Few would immediately think of Puglia, on the heel of Italy's boot, and yet it too has its fair share of lovely boutique hotels, beautiful…

Image of Mexican Food

By Jess
On: 8th November, 2016

Spotlight on Latin America

  • Latin America & Antarctica
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Argentina

Latin America has it all, whether you're meandering through the bustling, colourful markets of the world's highest capital city, La Paz, reclining with a robust malbec in Mendoza, or soaking up the sun on the picture perfect beaches of Brazil. It's a region that has enthralled Original…

Iceland Geyser
Garlinda Birkbeck

By Garlinda Birkbeck'
On: 1st November, 2016

An Icelandic Adventure in Photos

  • Iceland
  • Reykjavik

Garlinda Birkbeck, professional photographer, made a trip to Iceland organised by Original Travel, in February 2016 with Peter Wilson and Griff RhysJones. They flew to Akureyri, hired a car and drove to Myvatn, where they stayed for a couple of days. Then they made their way around the…