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Explore the pyramids of Meroe in Northern Sudan at sunrise and feel like one of the first to discover them.

Amelia - Original Traveller

Amelia Stewart

Original Travel Expert

I have extensive travel experience throughout Middle East, Africa and Europe.

My travels

Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • A road trip down West coast of America ending up at the Burning Man festival
  • Swim the Hellespont swim in Turkey
  • Cycling around Palestine
  • Take a train from London to Tehran
  • Eat my way around Italy

Best Moments

  • Celebrating Timkat Festival in Ethiopia
  • Witnessing a solar eclipse in the middle of the Libyan Sahara
  • Nights under the stars in any desert
  • Dancing with Tuareg in Timbuktu
  • A cup of tea and a biscuit at the end of any long walk
  • My favourite place has got to be Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Esfahan, Iran, or defend.speedy.history if you prefer

Toughest Travel Moment

  • Getting lost and nearly running out of water in a remote part of the Algerian Sahara.

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • Climbing a mountain outside of Yazd in Iran with an Iranian rock climber training for the Olympics. We came to a vertiginous plateau at about 4000m a few hours from the summit and it was freezing cold with snow on the ground and darkness falling. About 20 trekkers suddenly pitched up as we all eyed up the only shelter to sleep in - a tiny tin can hut covered in political slogans. We built a huge fire, ate kebabs, sang songs and giggled hysterically in the thin air. Then we crammed ourselves into this hut which was lit by a single naked bulb that flickered on and off…A surreal night

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Fes Music Festival

The little known annual music festival of Fes in Morocco is a gem, not only because it is still relatively unknown (therefore retains its authenticity) but also because of the fantastically high standard of musicianship. In a sea of world music festivals to choose from, this one really…

Return to Iran

With all the recent news surrounding the détente between the west and Iran, and the downgrading of Foreign Office Advice, I am chomping at the bit to get back out there…And excited to be offering two small group tours to the country in Spring and Autumn 2016. These will be small groups - so…

Culture in Morocco: a Day Trip to Volubilis

Any trip to Fes should include a day out to the gorgeous Roman city of Volubilis, probably the largest and best preserved Roman ruins in Morocco.

Desert… Or Mountains in Uzbekistan

One of the great things about this little known country is that you can be in the sultry deserts of Karakalpakstan one minute (a semi autonomous region in southern Uzbekistan - ever heard of it?!), and then the snow capped mountains bordering Kazakhstan the next. Uzbekistan is small and easy…

Top Five Sights in Uzbekistan

By the end of a twelve day tour of Uzbekistan you might have had your fill of monuments beginning with 'M' - for there are so many Mosques, Mausoleums, Madrassah's, Museums and Markets its enough to make ones' head spin. And the problem is trying to remember them all as they have a habit of…

A Day in the Life of a Simoon Tour – an Excursion to Shakrisabz

Simoon Travel's Amelia has just returned from a tour of Uzbekistan. In the first of a series of blogs, Amelia gives a flavour of what it's like to be on a Simoon Travel tour...

Ethiopia Dancing

Ethiopia - a land where the cradle of Christianity, the birth of the coffee bean, and some of the best dancing I have ever seen come together.

Defining Luxury Travel: Part 1

In the first blog of our series on defining luxury travel, Lisa Corcoran of Travel Notebook and Passage To Luxury fame shares her views on luxury travel.

Aerial view of Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia

Sacred Landscapes of Ethiopia

Simoon Travel's Amelia Stewart has been getting to the heart of Ethiopia by seeing the country from the ground. In her first blog of the series, Amelia explores Ethiopia's sacred landscapes, and discovers the odd nit-picking baboon along the way...

Plov Recipe from Uzbekistan

This plov recipe was picked up by Simoon Travel's Amelia in Uzbekistan. Plov is the country's national dish, a hearty mix of rice, lamb and vegetables.

Spotlight on Jordan: Lawrence of Arabia turns 50

It is the 50th Anniversary of the epic classic Lawrence of Arabia. I remember first watching it and it was quite a defining moment; the desert, the stars, the epic horse and camel battles. It was also thanks to Lawrence that I was initially persuaded to visit Jordan.

The Magic of Sri Lanka

My brother lives in Singapore, and I was lucky enough to combine a recent visit with a unique holiday to Sri Lanka - a country I have been longing to visit ever since I was a child, growing up fascinated by stories my grandmother told me of living in what was once Ceylon - a country seeped…

Georgia: Back to Tbilisi via Batumi (Part 5)

The ultimate in unusual holiday destinations, and following on from part four, this is the final instalment of our five-part blog series about Georgia...

Georgia: The Svaneti Region (Part 4)

Q: The ultimate in unusual holiday destinations? A: Georgia. This is the fourth instalment of our five part blog series about the undiscovered nation...

Georgia: Visiting Gori (Part 3)

Q: The ultimate in unusual holiday destinations? A: Georgia. This is the third instalment of our five part blog series about the undiscovered nation...

The Timkat Festival in Ethiopia

Perhaps one of the most joyous occasions in the Ethiopian calendar is Timkat, and for me it embodies so much that is wonderful about this country: an unadulterated joy and religious fervour, a purity of mind and body, and an overwhelming tangible happiness that is quite difficult to put into words.

Georgia: Into the Georgian Countryside (Part 2)

Imagine the landscapes of New Zealand combined with the Spanish Pyrenees, the Alps, and a sprinkling of Pembrokeshire and you're coming close to what the Georgian countryside looks like. Take a tailor made trip to this up-and-coming destination - it won't disappoint.

Georgia: Discovering Tbilisi (Part 1)

Q: The ultimate in unusual holiday destinations? A: Georgia. In the first instalment of our five part blog series about the undiscovered nation, Amelia finds herself falling under the spell of the captivating city of Tbilisi.

Armenia: Visit Armenia (Part 3)

Armenia is a civilisation so rich in history, culture and religion - and now is the time to visit. Expert Amelia took a tailor made trip to the church-heavy country and found herself fascinated by all it had to offer.

Armenia: Khor Virap and Norovank (Part 2)

Armenia has a distinctly biblical feel, and an astonishing number of monasteries. As a result, holidays to the country are historically and religiously enlightening. Find out more...

Armenia Holidays: Arriving in Yerevan (Part 1)

Armenia is a surprising country of contrasts...

Ruins in Libya

Amelia's Latest Trip to Libya

It has been quite an intense, and fascinating experience, and one that has left me with lots of stories to tell.

80 Senses: #40 - Stallholders in the Souqs of Aleppo Syria

Haggling skills to the fore... Half way to the magic 80! We're counting down the days until the scumbag currently clinging to power in Syria is out on his ear, and we can start recommending people to travel to this fascinating destination again.

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I think OT is the best out there for sure having been with you in Maldives last summer, and I really rate and trust your recommendations!


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