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Our Monthly Travel Calendar: Your 2018 Agenda

Our Monthly Travel Calendar: Your 2018 Agenda

Between Storm No Name threatening to blow Britain away and Trump's assertions of his 'stable genius' credentials, January isn't exactly turning out to be a classic is it? There's only one thing for it: ignore January entirely and look determinedly ahead. And in particular look ahead to all the amazing holidays you're going to have this year. No matter when you want to travel, there's a destination to fit the bill so without further ado, here's our month-by-month run down of 2018's hottest destinations...



If you're looking for some winter sun this February, Tenerife fits the bill perfectly - just a short hop from the UK, beautifully warm weather and a selection of excellent hotels. It's also ideal February half term territory. Read all about Molly's research trip to the idyllic island and where is best to stay in her blog post.



From the iconic pink and blue cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur to the temples, forts and wildlife of its rural regions, Rajasthan is a flavour of everything we love about India. And that's before we've even mentioned the iconic Taj Mahal in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.



Like jeans and a white shirt, gin and tonic and the two Ronnies, Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains are a dynamic duo for the ages. For a new Moroccan twist on an old classic head to the northerly Rif Mountains and possibly the most Instagrammable destination on the planet right now, the blue city of Chefchaouen.



Antigua has a different stretch of sand for every day of the year - need we say more? Carlisle Bay, on the south coast, is perfect for couples and families alike, and particularly families with very young children as the excellent Kids Club takes tots from just six months old.



Whether hopping around a handful of the 17,000-odd islands that make up the archipelago or exploring one island in detail, Indonesia remains a classic destination for those in search of beautiful scenery, delectable cuisine, tradition, culture and fabulous hotels.



Iceland has become increasingly popular in recent years but remains a country defined by little other than raw natural beauty, from its lagoons and volcanoes to waterfalls and geysers. Our seven day Introduction to Iceland itinerary is the perfect summer adventure.



Greece is an irresistible combination of archaic attractions, rugged landscape, glamorous islands and under-explored gems (like Epirus and the Peloponnese). Add to that some of the best food this side of the Med (which itself is pretty fantastic) and you're onto a winner.



If you want nature raw in tooth and claw then it doesn't get much toothier or clawier (technical term, ahem) than the game found in Botswana's Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta, widely regarded as one of the world's most extraordinary wilderness areas.



The USA is undoubtedly a year-round destination with a huge diversity of things to do and see; lovers of the outdoors have myriad National Parks to choose from; petrol heads should look no further than a Deep South road trip; Hawaii is a veritable haven for beach bums; while city slickers are spoilt for choice with the likes of Miami, New York and Boston.



November is the perfect month for being in Argentina whether you're hiking in Patagonia, tango-ing in Buenos Aires, sipping a fine red in Mendoza or horse riding in Cordoba - there is truly something for everyone in this country that has it all.



The UK doesn't exactly cover itself in climatic glory in December so what better way to round off the year than with an escape to more exotic climes? Thailand's heady combination of picture-perfect beaches, street eats, tradition and culture is the perfect antidote to winter.