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Cool Destination Combos

Cool Destination Combos

Like a maxi dress and wedges, or jeans and a jacket, some combos just work. Behold, our favourite tailor made, two-pronged trip ideas. After all, the best things do come in pairs...


Vietnam + Cambodia

Vietnam is hugely popular, and with good reason - incredible food (think Thai meets French), fab hotels and cities like Saigon that are, in our humble opinion, the best in Indochina. Where once you may have crossed the border into Cambodia just to visit the (admittedly spectacular) Angkor Wat, now the Cambodian coast is a destination in its own right, and new island paradise Song Saa is spectacular.


Italy + Croatia

Such a good combi, it works two ways. For a cultural and gastronomic treat, you can head to the north to combine the romance of Venice with the Croatian foodie haven of Istria, or hit the beach in Italy's remote and wonderful Puglia (home of the stone roofed trulli huts) before taking the ferry across to the 'pearl of the Adriatic', the medieval city of Dubrovnik.


South Africa + Mozambique

South Africa could claim to cover pretty much the full house of holiday requirements, from superb boutique hotels to delicious food and wine to Cape Town (every country needs a Cape Town) and safari parks. The missing ingredient? Beautiful warm water beach resorts. Enter stage right (or North East) Mozambique, home to many of the finest island lodges in Africa.


California + Hawaii

One country, two completely different destinations that work perfectly together. California is destination du jour thanks to classics such as Big Sur (road trip), Napa Valley (wine trip), Yosemite National Park (walking trip) and San Francisco (hippy trip). Then, head on to Hawaii for surfing, volcanoes, and a taste of the South Pacific.

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