80 Senses: #59 - The Cambodian Coast

80 Senses: #59 - The Cambodian Coast

Watch this (rather lovely) space.


The Cambodian Coast

Several countries have fallen into the trap of over-promoting one particular aspect of their beauty or culture to lure the punters, but few have become so hitched to one particular promotional wagon as Cambodia to Angkor Wat. Not that arguably the finest temple complex in the world is a bad weapon to have in your armoury, but it can detract from the other - often wonderful - areas when visitors jet into Siem Reap (the airport local to Angkor), whizz round the ruins, shutter fingers firing, before flying back out to Bangkok or wherever.


Watch this space

Not for long. The arrival of the super deluxe Song Saa island hideaway on the Koh Rong Peninsula should herald the arrival on travel cognescenti's radars of the beautiful Cambodian coast, and is the reason this little country in indochina features twice in our 80 Senses list. We bet our bottom Cambodian Riel that the big guns like Amanresorts and Four Seasons will be scoping the joint as we write, and finally Cambodia can shake off bridesmaid status and take on the likes of Thailand and Vietnam.