Life is in the detail

Life is in the detail

Our mission is to understand what you like before we can truly say what you’ll love.

Dominique – Original Traveller. London

Life is in the detail

The Forth Bridge is not only an iconic structure but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Queensferry with one of our local experts for fabulous views of this feat of engineering.

Susie – Original Traveller. Edinburgh

Life is in the detail

Picture perfect villages and bustling market towns nestle in among the rolling Cotswold Hills. Take a trip to a bygone era.

Rita - Original Traveller. The Cotswolds

Life is in the detail

Visit Ireland for rugged coastlines, amazing activities and charming locals.

Annie - Original Traveller. Ireland

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Tailor-Made Experiences Throughout the UK and Ireland

Original Travel UK caters for private clients, special interest groups and corporate groups.

Our Top Experiences in the UK and Ireland

Big Ben, England


From cosmopolitan London to the quaint Cotswolds and the rolling hills of the Lake District, England has character, charm and beautiful scenery in spades.



From the buzzing capital, Edinburgh to the soaring mountains of the Highlands, Scotland offers the full package of vacation experiences to the discerning traveller.



The Emerald Isle has fascinated visitors for centuries with its gaelic history, beguiling landscapes and notorious nightlife.

The Cliffs of Moher & County Clare

The Cliffs of Moher & County Clare

People often visit County Clare namely for the amazing views from the Cliffs of Moher, however the native landscape of The Burren and the city of Limerick are well worth enjoying during your stay.

The West Country

The West Country

For the outward-bound type, look no further than the West Country - watersports and hiking are in the mix here along with a great art and music scene for culture vultures.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands

Head to the Highlands for a trip filled with adventure, history, heritage and of course a whisky or two...

Meet the Team

When it comes to our approach, we're proud to stand out from the crowd. We offer something that little bit special.

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Travel advice, information and inspiration from the Original Travel UK team.

Sensational Cities: Our Ultimate City Adventures

When asked to picture their perfect holiday, many people's minds immediately hit the beach; warm white sand between the toes, sparkling azure waters and someone rather good-looking fanning you with a large palm leaf. And who are we to deny such glories? But here at Original Travel we're also…

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Hit The Road: Our Favourite Road Trips

"It's not the destination, it's the journey" - said every cheesy, road to redemption reality show presenter ever. But they might just be on to something, you know. When the journey involves switch-back turns through epic mountains, cruising along sweeping coastlines or trundling through…

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The Inside Track: India

Why do I love India so much? From the rich historic culture to the huge geographical diversity - they have it all from the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains to the deserts in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It doesn't matter how many times you visit India, there is always something new to discover;…

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Around Kenya in 16 Days...

This can be said of many countries but, in my humble opinion, few more so than Kenya - this is a country packed full of diverse landscapes, cultures, and amazing places to stay. I had just 16 days to explore as much of Kenya as possible - I had some serious ground to cover… and boy did I!

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Scandimania: Which Scandi-Country Is For You?

Scandinavia is a hugely popular holiday destination right now, and with good reason. We ourselves absolutely love the Nordic region (admittedly, a loose term in this blog including Iceland) and have developed self-diagnosed Scandimania: a love of all things Nordic. In this blog post we are…

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Lights. Camera. Action: It's Show Time...

Who else was totally enthralled by Joanna Lumley in India and Wild Alaska Live? Both gave fascinating insights into some of the most beautiful corners of our planet, and made us want to immediately grab our passports and head off in search of adventure. But what should we watch on the telly…

View Lights. Camera. Action: It's Show Time...

Part Two of My Italian Odyssey: Emilia Romagna and Rome

My time in the beautifully glamorous Italian Lakes and Tuscany, detailed in Part One of My Italian Odyssey: The Lakes and Tuscany, had sadly come to an end and it was time to pull myself away and 'solidier' on through my Italian road trip on to the seriously under-rated Emilia Romagna…

View Part Two of My Italian Odyssey: Emilia Romagna and Rome

Last Minute Merchant

Whoever said 'failure to prepare is preparation for failure' clearly never experienced the thrill of being spontaneous. While it's all very commendable to plan things months and years in advance, sometimes it's just wonderfully liberating to make a snap decision. Never more so than with…

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Part One Of My Italian Odyssey: The Lakes and Tuscany

As we set off from Milan towards the Lakes, waving goodbye to clean eating and preparing ourselves instead for ten days of wining and dining, superb vistas and myriad boutique properties, I hadn't stopped to really think about the variety and richness that this well-travelled country would…

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Top 10 Egyptian Food and Drink

Falafel, mango juice and suprisingly tasty stuffed pigeon! Original Travel Egypt expert Amelia Stewart gives us the low down on her top 10 Egyptian Food and Drink...

View Top 10 Egyptian Food and Drink

African Adventures (There's More Than Safaris)

When we say Africa, you dig out the binoculars and khaki trousers and begin practising your best David Attenborough voice, right? Wrong! While safaris might hog most of the African holiday limelight, there is so much more to this supremely diverse continent, from mind-blowing scenery to…

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Ahead of the Curve: Planning for 2018

We all like to think of ourselves as free spirits, booking with glorious last-minute abandon and able to act on the spur of the spontaneous moment (that's not just us, right?). Well, sorry for being the fun police on this one but when it comes to travel, the impromptu you is missing out. You…

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Big Ben will now fall quiet from today until 2021 as refurbs take place on the Elizabeth Tower, but luckily Londoners and visitors can still hear the bell on special occasions such as Remembrance Sunday and New Years Eve. Did you know that Big Ben was originally supposed to be named Royal Victoria, the tower stands at 96 metres tall and the bell has rung through the reigns of six monarchs?

1 day ago

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If this interactive afternoon tea scene piques your interest we have the perfect experience for you! We can arrange private afternoon tea etiquette classes, which include learning about the history and rise of this English pastime, duties as a host or guest and finessing the food, including how to prepare and layer your scones elegantly. This is especially useful for those waiting for an invitation for tea with the Queen...

7 days ago

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Happy Friday! We are looking forward to retreating into the countryside this weekend. This quaint village, Castle Combe, is just 20 minutes drive from Bath and it's traditional feel has made it a popular filming location; have you spotted it in blockbusters such as Poirot, Doctor Dolittle, Stardust and Steven Spielberg's Warhorse?

11 days ago

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One of our UK Experts, Rita has just returned from a sailing holiday around the Scottish islands. She took all these beautiful pictures whilst on her trip - if they don't make you want to visit Scotland we don't know what will! Learn more about what we can offer around the Scottish Islands here:

19 days ago

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Happy Yorkshire Day! George VI once said that York ‘is the history of England’ and although a slight exaggeration, it is easy to see his gist. Seeped in 2000 years of rich history, York is one of the most fascinating cities in Britain to visit.

21 days ago

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Check out our latest blog on things to do in August & September across the UK & Ireland - the summer isn't over yet!

27 days ago

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The Lake District has been awarded Unesco World Heritage status - becoming the 31st place in the UK to be put on the list. The Lake District is one of our favourite areas to visit in the country - with landscapes that have inspired literary legends, family friendly activities, delicious food and beautiful hotels. Whats not to love?

35 days ago

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We are so excited about the new series of Game of Thrones! The OTUK team especially enjoy the many scenes shot in rugged Northern Ireland. Get into the spirit with our GOT Tours and experiences across caves, castles and moorlands. #WinterIsComing

35 days ago

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Who's getting excited about the start of Wimbledon? What could be more quintessentially British then Pimms and strawberries whilst watching the tennis!

52 days ago

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We love this magical map of Great Britain, made by Love GREAT Britain to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter. We cannot wait for the exhibition to mark this anniversary, at the British Museum, set to open in October.

56 days ago

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Royal Ascot is one of our favourite events of the year! A perfect excuse to get dressed up, enjoy the races and hopefully spot the Queen!

61 days ago

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We love these great ideas from Condé Nast Traveller UK on the best British breaks for families. Perfect last minute ideas for anyone looking to visit the UK this summer.

63 days ago

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