What to do in Peru

Peru is about more than places, spectacular as they are, but also about what to do in those places. The Andes reward the adventurous, and there are a number of famous walking trails in and around the Sacred Valley and incorporating incomparable Macchu Pichu. For culture vultures, the Pisac Market is a must, and for waterbabies the surfing in Mancora is top quality. Finally, exploring the upper reaches of the Amazon is often overlooked as an option, but represents yet another perfect Peruvian experience:

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Pisac Market

South America > Peru > Machu Picchu

In addition to the beautiful sweeping landscape and strong Incan heritage and archaeology of the Sacred Valley region, this is also a good place to enjoy colourful indigenous markets. Read more

1 day Inca Trail

South America > Peru > Machu Picchu

Hike a section of the Inca Trail from a point known as Kilometre 104, because of its location on the road between Cusco and Machu Picchu. Read more

Visit to Condor Cross

South America > Peru > Arequipa & Colca Canyon

After the albatross, the Andean condor has the second largest wingspan (as much as 11.5ft) of all living flying birds, and we know the best place in the Andes to see these magnificent birds gliding on thermals. Read more

Tour of the islands on Lake Titicaca

South America > Peru > Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake, which makes it a winner in our books, and that’s before you even explore the floating Uros Islands. Read more

Visit Machu Picchu by train

South America > Peru > Cusco, the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu

If the idea of a three day trek to reach the lost city of Machu Picchu doesn’t appeal, then why not opt for the more comfortable train journey? Read more

Food tour with Penelope Alzamora

South America > Peru > Lima

Peruvian food is so hot right now, and we offer the chance to enjoy a morning taste tour of the capital with chef Penelope Alzamora, a Liman local whose foodie parents and nanny introduced her to traditional Peruvian cuisine at an early age. Read more

A tour of Larco Museum with the curator

South America > Peru > Lima

The Larco Museum in Lima contains an astonishing 45,000 artefacts dating from the pre-Columbian (basically pre-European) period, and including an impressive collection of Inca crowns and other ornamental pieces decorated with gold and precious stones. Read more

Discover the Amazon

South America > Peru > The Peruvian Amazon

If there was a way to explore a rarely visited area of Peru’s Manu National Park, gain a once in a life time experience and give something back to the environment and wildlife at the same time, then Crees Tours is absolutely the way to discover the Amazon. Read more

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