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After the albatross, the Andean condor has the second largest wingspan (as much as 11.5ft) of all living flying birds, and we know the best place in the Andes to see these magnificent birds gliding on thermals.

We can arrange a day trip (with an early start) to Mirador de la Cruz del Cóndor (Condor Cross Lookout), famed for its incredible scenery and views across Colca Canyon, one of the world's deepest (13,650ft at its deepest). Condors certainly appreciate the view as they ride the thermals that are channelled along the canyon and while sightings are never 100% guaranteed the chances are you will see these majestic birds in action.

On the way back from Condor Cross to Arequipa, you have the chance to stop in the three villages of Pinchollo Maca, Achoma, and Yanque, as well as at the Miradores de Antahuilque lookout point, where you can appreciate the region's terraces, and Choquetico with its hanging tombs and tiny irrigation models carved in stone.

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The condor is one of the most iconic creatures in Latin America, and sightings are all but guaranteed at Condor Cross, despite the birds’ endangered status.

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