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Explora’s Rapa Nui property is Easter Island’s most comfortable hotel and offers guests a wide range of excursions to discover the many wonders of this mythical Pacific island.

Facing the immense ocean, the hotel is situated in the south western zone of the island, 5.6 km from Hanga Roa - the only town on the island.

With a contemporary and stylish design, owing to the use of volcanic rock, native to the island and wood from the mainland being the principal materials used in the construction- the hotel feels minimalist and chic due to the use of curves and space. The hotel's guestrooms spread out from a central area that houses the reception, living areas, a bar, kitchen and services. Next to the common areas is the Casa de Baños Hare Vai, with a pool, massage and open-air jacuzzis.

Explora guests may participate in fantastic and diverse daily explorations according to abilities and preferences. The excursions are accompanied by excellent bilingual guides, the majority of whom are native Rapa Nui.

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