Activities in Brazil

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Sugarloaf & Corcovado mountains

South America > Brazil > Rio, Buzios, Paraty & the Costa Verde

The iconic mountains that appear in any self-respecting shot of Rio both offer superb panoramic views of the city, its bays and beaches. Read more


South America > Brazil > Rio, Buzios, Paraty & the Costa Verde

Characterized by its great diversity, the origins of Brazil’s music lie in its AmerIndian, Portuguese and African roots, and today it is firmly embedded into the Brazilian way of life. Read more

Rio Carnival

South America > Brazil > Rio, Buzios, Paraty & the Costa Verde

The most outrageous and spectacular festivities take place in Rio, whose world-famous Carnival and its associated musicians, dancers, floats and parades have become so large that they all take place in the purpose-built sambodrome building, with entries and seating tightly controlled and... Read more

Kayaking from Paraty

South America > Brazil > Rio, Buzios, Paraty & the Costa Verde

Hundreds of islands with unspoiled tropical wilderness lie just off shore of the Costa Verde and the best way to explore them is by kayak. Read more

Helicopter ride

South America > Brazil > Iguacu Falls

Silence the arguments over whether it’s the Argentinian or the Brazilian side of the falls that affords the best view, and see the whole lot from the air in a thrilling helicopter ride. Read more

Whale watching, Florianopolis

South America > Brazil > Southern Brazil

Escaping the harsh winter, the whales migrate northwards in search of warmer and calmer waters in which to reproduce and nurse their young calves. Read more

Capoeira lessons

South America > Brazil > Bahia

Original Travel can arrange private or group capoeira and samba lessons in Rio or in Salvador; after all, where better to learn? Read more

Salvador Carnival

South America > Brazil > Bahia

The most exciting moment in the Salvador calendar is undoubtedly the spectacular February carnival, when up to two million revellers from all over Brazil and the world fill the streets over four days, dancing, singing and drinking in inimitable Brazilian style. Read more

Trekking in Chapada Diamantina

South America > Brazil > Bahia

Trekking is undoubtedly one the best ways to discover all there is to see in Chapada Diamantina, - the Diamond Plateau - a land of underground rivers, cacti and dramatic landscapes which is deservedly considered one of the most fascinating natural areas of Brazil. Read more

Pelourinho district

South America > Brazil > Bahia

The city of Salvador itself is often referred to as the ‘African Soul’ of Brazil, as descendants of the first African slaves have held tight to their African traditions, and these mingle with the colonial influences to compelling effect. Read more

Jaguar spotting in the Pantanal

South America > Brazil > The Pantanal

Sightings are of course never guaranteed in such a wild and vast place, and particularly where one of the world’s most elusive animals is concerned, but the Pantanal region is one of the top spots in South America for jaguar enthusiasts. Read more

Riding, Pantanal

South America > Brazil > The Pantanal

Dependent on your level of ability, we can arrange short rides or day-long excursions complete with guides and packed lunch. Read more

Kite Surfing, Jeri

South America > Brazil > North East Brazil

The National Park of Jericoacoara is flanked by huge dunes, with lakes of crystal-clear water that are the ideal place for newcomers to wind or kite surfing. Read more

Diving, Fernando do Noronha

South America > Brazil > North East Brazil

The Fernando do Noronha archipelago is known as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world due to the richness of the marine fauna and the transparency of the water. Read more


South America > Brazil > North East Brazil

As you’d imagine, there are plenty of highlights in a country as huge as Brazil, but if we were asked to cherry-pick one particular highlight, it would be planasub. Read more

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