What to do in the USA

Everyone is talking about the USA, and if they're not they should be. The country is huge and therefore not short of things to do whilst on holiday. The sky's the limit with a New York or Grand Canyon helicopter tour. However learning how to surf may be on the cards? Or whale watching? How about wine tasting in Napa Valley or doing a wine trial in Santa Barbara? Perhaps just a Volcano trip or a quick dive off the Molokini crater? With so much to choose from, no trip to the US will be a dull one, and here are just a few of our suggestions of what to:

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The National Parks

North America > USA > The American West

When a country is the size of a continent you’d expect it to have a national park or two, but a visitor to the States could spend every week of the year in a different park and still need another month or two to complete the set. In fact, the US National Park Service protects a total of 84... Read more

Ranch Holidays in the USA

North America > USA > The American West

Few things are more quintessentially American than the cowboy, and staying at a ranch in the American West is the perfect way to indulge any Wild West wish fulfilment fantasies. Read more

Learn to Surf

North America > USA > Hawaii

Popularly dubbed ’sports of kings’ Hawaii is the birthplace of big wave surfing and home to some of the best surfing spots in the world, scattered throughout the archipelago. Read more

Dive Molokini Crater

North America > USA > Hawaii

Molokini Crater is a small volcanic cone, situated only a few miles off Maui’s shore. It is home to more than 250 tropical fish species, a coral reef and amazingly clear waters. With that said this is the number one diving spot for an unforgettably unique experience. Read more

Kauai Helicopter Tour

North America > USA > Hawaii

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands showing off with its immense natural wonders. A helicopter tour is probably the best way to capture the island’s entire natural scenery, lush mountains, beautiful gardens and exotic beaches, but most of all, to fully experience the ‘Garden Isle’s’... Read more

Volcano Tour Hawaii

North America > USA > Hawaii

As if white, sandy beaches, tranquil waters and fresh floral air weren’t enough, the state of Hawaii tops it all with its breathtaking natural beauty, including numerous impressive and still active volcanoes. Read more

Waimea Canyon

North America > USA > Hawaii

Nicknamed by Mark Twain a hundred years ago as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, the Waimea Canyon on Kauai Island is the Pacific’s largest Canyon and a must-see geological wonder for everyone strolling around this region. Read more

New York Helicopter Tour

North America > USA > New York

Escape the tourist crowds and see New York City like never before! A comfortable helicopter tour, high above the grounds of New York City provides an unforgettable adventure with spectacular aerial views of the entire city. Read more

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

North America > USA > Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon

No picture will make you believe the sight of immensity of the Grand Canyon- one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders. Read more

Big Sur Whale Watching

North America > USA > California > Highway One, the California Coast Road Trip

Whale watching is an amazing activity to do while journeying the Californian Central Coast. The Big Sur is definitely one of those special places in the world to experience the breathtaking beauty of these large aquatic mammals year- round. Read more

Hearst Castle

North America > USA > California > Highway One, the California Coast Road Trip

Located on the hilltop of Enchanted Rock, the magnificent Hearst Castle is California’s most famous monument to wealth and ambition, offering breathtaking views across California’s Central Coast and the Pacific Ocean. Read more

Urban Wine Trail in Santa Barbara

North America > USA > California > Highway One, the California Coast Road Trip

Located a few hours north of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara has much more to offer than a beautiful town centre and white beaches. Exhibiting sun coated hills and valleys of vineyards; Santa Barbara is home to 103 wineries. Explore the counties Urban Wine Trail and sip your way through a number of... Read more

Surf Santa Cruz

North America > USA > California > Highway One, the California Coast Road Trip

Whether you are a pro or complete novice, Santa Cruz boasts secret surf spots, big waves and calmer waters for all ages and levels of surfers, could suggest why Santa Cruz is also known as the ‘surf city’. Read more

Big Sur Road Trip

North America > USA > California > Highway One, the California Coast Road Trip

The coast of California between San Francisco and Los Angeles is home to one of the most famous stretches of road in the world, and one of the most romantic and dramatic road trips. Travelling south from San Francisco, the famous Route One highway passes through long stretches of wild, rugged... Read more

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