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The Perfect Day in India

This week, India celebrated its Festival of Lights, Diwali. With this on our minds, and the approach of Kipling's 'Jungle Book' nearing our cinemas, it would be rude not to give India our devout attention. What better way to do that, than to fulfil your childhood Mowgli fantasies and dreams of living like a Mahārāja. So, without further ado, if geography and time were not barriers, this is how we would spend a day in India…

Rambling around Rajasthan

India: A cacophony of moments all played in fast forward, with overlaying sounds; loud and jarring. Yes, the beauty lies in the impossible grandeur and elegance of the palaces and forts, but turn to the million rooftops they overlook, with a story beneath each one; each detail that gives this place such a feel of sensory overload. It's the carved detail on a wooden door; the spice in your morning masala chai; the gold trim of a pink sari; the creased smile of the flower vendor; the distinct call from the minaret from a mosque (beside a Sikh temple, beside a Jain temple). It's the intrigue from the village children, the fine strokes on a fresco, the heat of a real Indian curry, the jangle of Bollywood music (that is somehow growing on me), and, if you're really lucky, the flash of a leopard's eye.

Family Adventure Holidays

Thrilling adventures don't have to stop as soon as the kids arrive. At Original Travel we pride ourselves on being able to make even the most action packed holiday totally family friendly. After all, sometimes it's not only the children who can't sit still for five minutes.

Our Top 10 Hotels for a Luxury Safari Holiday

Anyone with an interest in wildlife, habitats and adventure will have a safari on their bucket list. Whether you're in search of the big five in Africa, evoking memories of the jungle book in India or seeking exotic wildlife in Latin America, we know the very best luxury hotels, camps and lodges to stay in. Here are our top 10 hotels for a safari holiday:

Bespoke holidays to Rajasthan: Agra

Most know Agra as the home of the iconic Taj Mahal. Guest blogger Tony Herbert shares his thoughts on the epochal landmark, the grand finale to his bespoke tour of Rajasthan.

Bespoke holidays to Rajasthan: Jodhpur

Known for it's permanent state of sunshine and clusters of sky blue buildings, Jodhpur is a sight to behold. Guest blogger Tony Herbert embarked on a bespoke holiday to Rajasthan with Original Travel, and shares his favourite moments from his visit to the metropolis...

Bespoke holidays to Rajasthan: Jaipur

Jaipur, known as the "pink city", is a land of vivid colour and a kind of glorious chaos. Guest blogger Tony Herbert visited the city with the roseate glow as part of his bespoke holiday touring around Rajasthan...

The Best Exotic Hotels in Rajasthan

An 'absolutely definitely' must see...The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel currently out in the cinema is a heart warming story of a group of Brits from all different walks of life, heading out to India for retirement. Arriving at the hotel, it is not quite as it has been described in the brochure, Dev Patel plays the brilliantly overly enthusiastic, charming, but totally useless owner...The film portrays Rajasthan as it really is, the friend I was with kept on turning to me and asking 'does that really happen?', it really does, and it is brilliant. I walked out of the cinema and almost headed straight home to pack my bags and rush to Heathrow to hop on the next flight out to India. Rajasthan really is one of the most magical places, here are some of my favourite hotels in Rajasthan....

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