Where to go in Far East

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The Indonesian archipelago consists of a sprawling chain of tropical volcanic islands comprising one of the most diverse and exotic nations on Earth. Read more


Thailand is a vibrant blend of cultures and breathtaking natural scenery and, understandably, the most popular destination in South East Asia. Read more


The 20th century saw Vietnam successively fighting off the French, the Americans and the Chinese, and it is now one of the most appealing destinations in South-East Asia, welcoming a new invasion – tourists, this time – with open arms. Read more


Cambodia is sandwiched between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in the very heart of South-East Asia, and ideally explored in combination with some of its neighbours. Read more


Laos is the oft-ignored backwater of what was once French Indochina, and as a fortuitous result retains much of the traditional charm and feel of a bygone era. Read more

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) is a country of history, culture, and incredibly beautiful landscapes, and we are delighted to be offering holidays there Read more


Quite possibly the most 'other' destination on Earth, and in our humble opinion a must for everyone's bucket list. Read more


With a vibrant and distinctive blend of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures (and the resulting excellent cuisine) this is a place well worth considering. Read more


Singapore offers travellers the sights and smells of Asia, combined with the efficiency and modernity of one of the worlds leading cities - a must stop on your travels East, basically. Read more


Modern China contains striking contemporary metropolises such as Shanghai and Hong Kong, and rural areas where life has changed little for centuries. Read more


The Philippines consists of an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, with a combined shoreline longer than the US. Read more

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