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The Kura Kura Resort occupies its own 22 hectare island, dotted with swaying palms and set amid tropical gardens, crisscrossed with sandy paths. A retreat far removed from the bustle of Java, often the only sound heard will be the calls of the exotic birds that call the island home.

The island is situated in the Karimunjawa archipelago, a national marine park which is nestled in the ocean between Java and the island of Borneo. There are just 37 guestrooms and villas on the island, divided between a handful of cottages, and private pool villas. Superior and Deluxe Cottages and located in bungalows within the gardens, all west facing to make the most of the sunset views, and are simply furnished, with king sized beds.

Luxury Pool Villas are set between palm trees, and offer plenty of privacy for couples. Sun loungers are set by the swimming pool, perfect for catching some rays. An Indonesian style open air lounge is a relaxed spot to enjoy some shade, whilst the bedroom has floor to ceiling window overlooking the swimming pool. Villas come with all the mod cons too, and wifi, to keep you connected on your castaway break (you know, if you have to).

The Kura Kura Resort is Italian owned and managed, and it naturally shows in the dining room. Whether you are dining in the open sided patio, around the pool, or in the privacy of your villa, the food is excellent, and the fresh juices perfection.

Kura Kura is located on a coral island, meaning grainy white sand, and a very narrow slither of beach at high tide. However, being set in the heart of a tropical archipelago means that there are plenty of neighbouring islands to explore, many with fine beaches. Having said that, one of the main attractions at Kura Kura is under the waves - there is a dive centre with excellent equipment and boats, and all in all it is a very tightly run ship, with plenty of colourful reefs to explore. There is even a turtle hatchery on the island.

And the secret weapon in Kura Kura's arsenal of turquoise lagoons, swaying palms and turtles, is the private island of Krakal - a tiny droplet in the ocean, home to one single chalet in which couples can spend a night in Robinson Crusoe mode. There is no electricity (paraffin lamps and candles are provided), and meals are the form of romantic picnics, but the chance to enjoy a night of solitude on this idyllic isle is luxe enough for us.

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