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Italy, we believe, is the perfect all round destination, with so much to see and do and food that is tantalisingly close to perfection. Read more


Sometimes overshadowed by the charms of France and Italy, and weighed down by a persistent package holiday image problem, Spain remains an all time Original Travel favourite. Read more


One of the great summer destinations, with everything from historic ruins to some of Europe’s hottest nightclubs, our luxury holidays in Greece offer a combination of hedonism and culture that is hard to beat. Read more


Portugal is a little place with a lot to do. Read more


France is essentially the perfect destination for a luxury holiday – a fact born out by the statistics that the country is the most visited on earth year after year. Read more


Malta boasts almost unparalleled history, charming hotels and excellent diving in one neat little package of islands. Read more


Stockholm must rate as one of Europe's most beautiful cities, but there's so much more to Sweden than the capital... Read more


The youngest country on earth, and one of the most fun. Read more


Who needs Canada when you've got big country and polar bears on your European doorstep? Read more


One of Europe's final frontiers awaits. Read more


Sandy beaches, sparkling blue sea, excellent hotels for couples and families, and delicious food - we love Cyprus. Read more


Istanbul is one of the most magical cities on the planet, but Cappadocia and the beautiful Aegean coastline are both well worth exploration as well. Read more


Welcome to the top of the world, and a perfect winter wonderland. Read more


Dubrovnik, Dalmatia and the foodie haven of Istria make Croatia one alluring destination. Read more


Home to the dramatic Carpathian mountains, historic Transylvania and the extraordinary wetlands and migrating birdlife of the Danube Delta, Romania is a nation full of pleasant surprises. Read more


Welcome to Greenland; the world's biggest island and least inhabited place and (almost more importantly) Original Travel's new favourite destination. Read more


Most clichés are only clichés because they’re true, and Ireland is a case in point. Read more


Great Britain. While some countries spend a fortune coming up with fancy marketing campaigns, ours is right there in the name. Read more


Despite what Harry Lime had to say, somewhat dismissively, in The Third Man, we at Original Travel think there’s a good deal more to Switzerland than cuckoo clocks. Read more


Georgia is like New Zealand meets the Pyrenees with a smattering of Pembrokeshire thrown in for good measure. Read more


Ignore the rather unsavoury leader and concentrate on the culture. There are few destinations that come close. Read more


A country that until the early 20th Century formed half (albeit as a very junior partner) of one of the greatest ever European empires, Hungary has had a profound influence on the continent’s history, and yet this, the beating heart of Middle Europe, is a place apart. Read more

The Netherlands

Holland may be flat, but it's anything but boring. Read more


A tiny country with big appeal; over 100 beaches, pristine countryside, and a destination that's definitely one to watch. Read more


We think Estonia is the best of the bunch of the Baltic States, thanks to its capital Tallinn, a medieval marvel, and the wonderful, laid back Muhu Island, one of the most original retreats around. Read more


Above and beyond the obvious cultural attractions there are other pleasant surprises awaiting open minded visitors - excellent food, seriously under-rated wines and some of Europe's most beautiful woodland and mountains. Read more


So far we only know Copenhagen well, but if the capital is anything to go by... Read more


Not to be confused with Slovakia (ooh that annoys them), Slovenia is a heavenly little pocket of perfection in Middle Europe that is far too modest to sing its praises, so we will. Read more


We know there’s more to this Middle European gem than skiing, but when the resorts on offer are of the quality of St Anton, Kitzbuhel and Lech, it’s hard not to focus on them Read more


The miniscule, mountainous and land-locked country of Armenia punches well above its weight. Read more

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