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The Elite Plaza is a design hotel in every sense – both part of the capital ‘d’ Design Hotel group, and beautifully designed, from the mosaic floor in the entrance hall to the immaculate new top floor with its 12 additional rooms.

The building was originally - in the 1880s - home of the Svea Fire & Life Insurance, and since a major renovation in 2000, the pillared halls of Italian marble and New Renaissance style have been restored to their former glory.

Interior designers Helling and Svensson chose dark wood paneling for the interior design of the hotel's rooms while the new floor's colour scheme of beige, cherry and lime is in elegant contrast.

The Plaza Bar and the Bishop's Arms pub are the ideal places for a relaxing evening drink, and the award-winning Swea Hof is one of Sweden's top ten restaurants.

Why We Love It

The Elite Plaza is in a prime position in Gothenburg - take advantage of this and wander down to City Museum, Gothenburg Town Hall, and Gustav Adolf Square. Alternatively, the hotel has Jaguars on hand for those who prefer to travel around in style.

Charlotte H, Original Traveller

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