Family Adventure in Swedish Lapland

Not your average school holiday, dog-sledding through the snowbound forests and mountains of Swedish Lapland will leave an indelible memory and provides a good opportunity for a bit of family bonding.

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Nov - May

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2:15 hrs

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GMT +1 hr


Led by a professional guide, pilot your own team of Siberian huskies along remote trails. Huskies are good-natured and energetic dogs that live for running. You will be responsible for looking after your team, feeding them and helping to harness and unharness them at the beginning and end of the day.

After days spent gliding through beautiful winter landscapes, nights are spent in private log cabins deep in the wilderness. These are simple but comfortable, heated by wood-burning stoves and equipped with saunas. Again, there is an element of hands-on teamwork required - for example drilling a hole in a nearby frozen river or lake to get fresh water. Your guide will prepare traditional Lapp meals such as reindeer stew with cloudberries.


On clear nights, there is also a good chance of witnessing the Northern Lights - the extraordinary natural light show that occurs when charged particles from space enter the Earth's atmosphere, creating shimmering bands of colour across the night sky.


Combine the dog-sledding with a night at the world-famous Ice Hotel in nearby Jukkasjärvi. Rebuilt each year using 30,000 tons of snow and 4,000 tons of ice from the Torne River, the hotel melts away each spring to become part of the river again. A night in this cathedral-like igloo is a great experience, sleeping in special thermal sleeping bags on beds of ice, covered with reindeer hides.

Activities at the Ice Hotel include ice-sculpting, snow-shoeing, ice-fishing and snowmobile safaris in search of the king of the forest - the elk (moose). There's also the chance to learn a bit about the local Sami people, and their traditional way of life in harmony with animals and nature.

On the way home, stop off in Stockholm for a day or two and explore this beautiful city.


Original Highlight

Family Dog Sled, Swedish Lapland
Image of Tom Barber

The Ice Hotel and our dog-sled team provide thermal overalls, boots, gloves and hats in adult and children's sizes so you don't need to bring eight additional bags of clobber for the children.

Tom, Original Traveller

Where to stay

Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

Every year, 60 artists are given 30,000 tonnes of snow and ice to play with on the banks of the Torne River and are tasked with building the latest incarnation of the Ice Hotel; unsurprisingly, the result is much more than your average igloo.



The Treehotel is a rare and ingenious concept consisting of, well, tree houses, and allows guests to experience the stunning surroundings from an opportune spot in Luleå.

Aurora Safari Camp, luxury hotel in Sweden

Aurora Safari Camp

Snow and camping aren’t usually natural bedfellows, but don’t worry, we haven't completely lost the plot. Aurora Safari camp offers a ‘glamping’ experience in the wilderness of Swedish Lapland and the Rane River Valley.

Abisko Mountain Lodge

Abisko Mountain Lodge

Located in the stunning Abisko National Park, Abisko Mountain Lodge is an archetypal mountain retreat in Northern Lapland.

Brandon Lodge

Brandon Lodge

Overlooking a vast expanse of frozen sea, Brandon Lodge is a cosy and comfortable lodge in the heart of Swedish Lapland.

Pine Bay Lodge

Pine Bay Lodge

Pine Bay Lodge is a charming, homely lodge in the heart of Swedish Lapland, where guests can spend days indulging in a range of adventurous activities, and nights wrapped up warm and in search of the beautiful Aurora Borealis.

sorbyn lodge

Sörbyn Lodge

Sörbyn Lodge is located on a stunning lake sheltered by towering pine trees. This cosy lodge offers warmth and comfort in between adrenaline-fuelled adventures.

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