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24 Hours in: Berlin

If you only have 24 hours to explore Berlin I highly recommend imagining yourself as a Dr. Who-style time lord (police box, optional) and beginning your day circa. 1939 before finishing in laidback Kreuzberg: a neighbourhood that typifies what it's like to be a modern day Berliner. Exploring Berlin's culture chronologically will highlight the huge political leap this city has made in just under a century. (And, conveniently, you will round-up the day amongst Berlin's best night life).

80 Senses: #48 - Vintage shopping in Berlin

A good vintage... Is Berlin the hippest city in the world right now? We at Original Travel think it might just be. There's obviously history and culture galore, but what really sets the German capital apart is the creative vibe. The clubbing scene might be a little too techno/industrial for all tastes, but there's no denying the clubs themselves are achingly cool. There's also a community of excellent contemporary artists working across various media, and a feeling that the city is the hub of so much invention at the moment.

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