We are entering the Age of the MAMIL, or Middle Aged Men In Lycra. While we’re firmly of the opinion that no one has ever managed to carry off the Lycra cycling shorts look, we heartily applaud the intent. You see, our clients (of all ages) are an increasingly health conscious and hearty lot, often determined to tackle a physical challenge on their holidays, be that the Engadin Ski Marathon in Switzerland or the Lewa Marathon in Kenya.

That's why we're so excited to be partnering with our new pals at IGO, creators of superslick expedition quadrathlons in some of our all-time favourite destinations around the world. Founded by adventurers Bobby Melville and George Bullard, IGO provides perfectly packaged four-day adventure challenges in Norway, the US and Morocco, with more destinations coming on line in the years ahead.

Bobby takes up the story: 'After rowing across the Atlantic in 2013 I kept asking myself the question - "how can I give that 'adventure high' to people who dream of great deeds but only have a week or two to spare?" IGO is the answer.'

It seems others agree. Hugh Anderson, who took part in the inaugural quadrathlon in Norway last year called the IGO N60° 'a life-changing event.' If your life is in need of a change, or you just want a goal to strive towards give us a call and we'll point you in the right direction.

And it gets better, as part of our partnership with IGO we're here to book any wraparound arrangements for competitors who feel they've earned a holiday after the event (you will) or to tailor a trip for friends and family to enjoy a less strenuous stay before being there at the finish line to give competitors a hero or heroine's welcome. Wearing lycra strictly optional.

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Charlotte C and Alexandra are our 'IGO Adventures' experts and as seasoned travellers they have the inside track on the most memorable adventures.

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