Educational Trips to Mexico

Indiana Jones-style ruins, culture-heavy cities and architecturally-rich colonial towns make Mexico educational trips an instant winner. Learning is all but guaranteed here - whether you’re sampling the colourful cuisine of Mexico city’s street food scene or gazing at ancient Mayan ruins in Yucatan - and when you’re cultural cravings are satisfied, there are heaps of beautiful beaches to discover on the coast.

The obvious starting point for an educational trip is Mexico City. The ancient capital of the Aztec Empire, Mexico's capital city offers the perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture and ancient Mayan and Aztec history. There are a whopping 150 museums to explore - chief among them the National Museum of Anthropology & Archaeology, housing priceless artefacts from Mexico's early civilizations - as well as sprawling temples and a thriving foodie scene.

Beyond Mexico City, the Yucatan Peninsula is sure to go down a treat with idyllic white sand beaches to relax on, brilliant blue waters to splash around in and more magnificent ruins to explore (including the huge pyramids of Chichen Itza) with expert guides leading the way. Top off your trip with some excellent hotels and the insider knowledge of our Concierges and your Mexico educational holiday is bound to be a success.

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