The great outdoors... getting out and feeling the sun on your back and the wind in your hair. There's nothing quite like it. In fact, there's a growing trend for people looking to get active while on holiday.

Original Travel would like to think it was an expert in this field and the amazing adventures suggested under this heading are destinations with activities ranging from the relatively sedate such as trekking, through to the more hardcore such as ski-touring the Haute Route in the Alps or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. For anyone wanting to feel a sense of achievement, these are the holidays for you.

Try one of these amazing adventures, and you'll feel you've really achieved something.


Original Thinking

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As with all our adventure and outdoor holidays, a member of the Original Travel team will have done the activity in question, so can talk you through exactly what it might involve and consequently whether it is something that might appeal.

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Where to go

Hippopotamus in Mana Pools

Mana Pools

Mana Pools National Park, in the north of Zimbabwe, stretches from Lake Kariba to the border of Mozambique in the east, in the heart of the Zambezi River Valley.

The Dolomites

The Dolomites

A well known winter ski destination, the northern Italian mountains are also beautiful in the summer. The Dolomites became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.

Church of Good Shepherd Lake in Tekapo

The South Island

There is more to this island than bungee jumps and sky dives, for example the towering alps, jagged coastlines, vast plains and amazing food and wine, to name a few.

Aerial view of Victoria Falls and bridge

Victoria Falls & Kafue

The Victoria Falls are rightly considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

Svalbard Vista


Deep inside the Arctic Circle, this archipelago of Norwegian islands is remote, wild and completely beautiful.

Prayer Flags in Bhutan


A fascinating Himalayan kingdom offering unique cultural insight, superb trekking and landscapes, and welcoming people.

What to do

Adventure Holidays in Tanzania

Adventure Holidays in Tanzania

Whether you’re an adventure junkie or just like a little bit of a kick now and again, Tanzania has plenty of adventure options, from climbing Kilimanjaro to walking with Bushmen.

Empty Quarter 4x4 Adventure

Empty Quarter 4x4 Adventure

A four-wheel drive tour into the breathtaking Empty Quarter, of Wilfred Thesiger fame, where a mobile camp awaits.

Dolomites Via Ferrata, Walking Safari

Via Ferrata, Dolomites: Walking Holidays in Italy

Not recommended for anyone with vertigo, the Via Ferrata in the Dolomites, consisting of iron wrung ladders, footpaths and rope bridges, are an exhilarating series of routes that allow non-mountaineers to experience the higher peaks and most dramatic scenery of this most beautiful of mountain ranges.

Svalbard Ship, Norway

Iceland Adventure

Iceland is quite unlike anywhere else. Isolated in the far North Atlantic, the country feels incredibly remote, yet is barely three hours flying time from London.

Cresta Run

Cresta Run

St Moritz is famous for the thrilling Cresta Run. Descending the ¾ mile long run at speeds in excess of 60 mph (the best riders approach 80 mph), your face just inches above the surface of the ice, is the ultimate in adrenaline fixes.

Trekking Holidays: The Kilimanjaro Climb Adventure

Trekking Holidays: The Kilimanjaro Climb Adventure

Rising from the plains of northern Tanzania close to the Kenyan border, Mt Kilimanjaro dominates the surrounding landscape and on a clear day can be seen from almost one hundred miles away.

4x4 Adventure

4x4 Adventure

A tailor-made guided desert safaris is the ideal way to take in the very best scenery that Oman has to offer, and Original Travel can personalise an itinerary to suit your exact requirements.

Family Dog Sled, Swedish Lapland

Family Adventure in Swedish Lapland

Not your average school holiday, dog-sledding through the snowbound forests and mountains of Swedish Lapland will leave an indelible memory and provides a good opportunity for a bit of family bonding.

Huskies, Swedish Lapland

Dog Sledding in Swedish Lapland

Dog-sledding through the snowbound forests and mountains of Swedish Lapland will leave even the hardiest ‘been there, done that’ traveller with an indelible memory.


Climbing Cotopaxi

Get to the top as the sun rises, and you can see the peaks of the surrounding volcanoes glisten red and yellow and miles of glacier spread below with the twinkling lights of Quito visible in the distance. Well worth the climb.

The Haute Route

The Haute Route

The most rewarding way to explore the Mont-Blanc massif is by ski-mountaineering, an exhilarating combination of ascent right into the heart of the Alps, followed by a liberating descent in totally untouched powder.

Adriatic Bay, Dalmatian Coast

Sea Kayaking the Dalmatian Coast

The Elaphiti Islands, forming part of the Dalmatian Coast, run in a chain parallel to the mainland and form the perfect aquatic playground for exploration by sea kayak.

Sea Kayaking, Mexico

Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching at La Paz

Paddle your way around the vivid waters of the Baja Peninsula, camping on pristine beaches by night and spotting wildlife by day.

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