Where to go in Central America

The total land area of Central America could fit into the USA more than three times over, and if we took Mexico out of the equation this would go up to eighteen times. However, in this case, size means nothing, as the culture, history and beauty these small countries (and one rather larger one) contain is huge. There is the incredible biodiversity of Costa Rica, the authentic Latin feel of Guatemala, the beautiful beaches of Mexico and the hidden gem that is Nicaragua, while the laid-back philosophy of the local people can be felt throughout the region. This is without even mentioning the ancient ruins, spectacular jungles and volcanic lunar-like landscapes that are dotted all over the region. With so many possibilities of where to go Central America, we've put together our top picks for each of the countries in the region below.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a picture perfect and pocket-sized country with two beautiful coastlines separated by a spine of extremely active volcanoes. Read more


Forget Cancun, Mexico is a truly diverse country, with a vast array of attractions for travellers of all tastes. Read more


One of the more 'original' destinations on the Original Travel books, Guatemala is a near perfect distillation of all that's so alluring about Central America - Mayan ruins, fascinating culture, beautiful scenery, intriguing cities and an all important sense of authenticity. Read more


Formerly British Honduras, Belize is a country defined by various cultures, languages, and ethnic groups including descendants of the Mayans, whose civilisation dominated this region for centuries. Read more


The crumbling colonial Casco Viejo is a delight to wander around on foot, and of course, seeing the canal in action is something not to be missed. Read more

El Salvador

Sitting between Guatemala and Honduras on Central America’s western coast, El Salvador is the regions smallest and least visited country. Ravaged by civil war throughout the 1980’s, El Salvador fared little better during the 90’s, when a spate of gang violence gripped the country. However despite... Read more


Incomparable Cuba is on the cusp of big changes. Head there before the magic is gone forever. Read more


The world is pretty much split into people who know nothing about Honduras, and those that have vaguely heard of Copan – one of the finest Mayan cities in all of Central America. Read more


New favourite Nicaragua, bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south, is the largest country in the region and famous for its natural attractions including comic book conical volcanoes, tropical forests and the ‘inland sea’ of Lake Nicaragua. Read more

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